Nursery Diary

Friday 29th – Thursday 5th February

In Literacy we will be continuing to focus on writing our own stories as a number of children have been interested in this recently. We will also be encouraging the children to sound out words and make them on magnetic boards.

In Maths we will be continuing to explore fractions and dividing. We will do this by sharing out collections and cutting or splitting things into halves and quarters.

In Health and Wellbeing and Science we will be thinking about assessing risk and linking this to knowing about the safe use of electricity. We will be investigating the things we use every day which need electricity.

We are going to learn about the importance of the reducing, reusing and recycling our waste in the nursery and at home. We will be learning which bins to use for different types of waste and considering ways that we can reduce our waste and use of energy.
Chinese New Year is coming up and we will be beginning to learn more about Chinese culture and the importance of this festival. This week we will learn the story of The Great Race

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