This Week In Nursery

Friday 11th –Thursday 17th March

 Thank you to our Parents’ Group and everyone who supported the nursery at Bingo Night. The night was great fun and raised funds for the nursery. Watch this space for information on how the money will be spent!

 In Literacy this week we will be focusing on making predictions when reading stories and linking what we have learned about Spring and growth to what we already know. We will be looking at stories as well as non-fiction books.

 In Maths we will be investigating time. We will talk about the days of the weeks and the seasons, linking this to the nights and mornings being lighter and the clocks changing during the Easter holidays.

 Our Health and Wellbeing focus will be on learning about where our food comes from. We will link this to farming and what we know about plants.

 In Science we will be investigating the parts of plants and what they need to grow. We will be planting some seeds and carrying out a scientific experiment of our own to find out what plants need.

 In Religious and Moral Education we will be learning about some of the customs around the festival of Easter. We will be doing lots of Easter crafts and activities trhoughout the nursery, including an egg hunt!

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