Nursery Diary

Friday 13th – Thursday 19th May

This week in maths we are extending our money focus by setting up a shop for role play. We have also had a ticket office outside selling tickets for the mud kitchen! We are using real coins as far as possible to help the children to recognise them. The children have been making their own signs and price labels and have been deciding what to sell. Our SEAL focus is on counting movements (chops, stamps, claps).

In literacy we are focusing on developing listening and talking skills around the nursery, as well as awareness of print and phonics for our children moving on to school. We are providing opportunities to write, build words and recognise letters across the nursery. Look out for our ‘talking table’ which will provide an object or picture to stimulate discussion.

Our Health and Wellbeing focus is looking at our emotions. For preschool children this is in talking about feelings around change and moving on, while for our younger children it is more general discussion around identofying our emotions.

In other areas of the curriculum we are continuing to explore growth and life cycles. We should have some caterpillars joining us this week to support us in exploring the life cycle of butterflies. We have already investigated frogs and tadpoles.

We are VERY short of junk for junk modelling. Please bring in any boxes, tubs, tubes etc. that you would normally put into your recycling bin. Many thanks!

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