Queensferry Primary School

Nursery Diary

Friday 3rd – Thursday 9th June

This week in maths we will be exploring symmetry as we watch our butterflies emerge from their cocoons. We will be making symmetrical pictures by folding and experimenting with mirrors.

In literacy we will be exploring mays of making marks with different materials. We have turned our outdoor wendy house into a literacy shed, with lots of resources from pencils to bingo dabbers! We will be encouraging children to write and make marks across the nursery.

Our Health and Wellbeing focus will be on managing our feelings as we approach a time of change. For the preschool children, this is starting school, and for our younger children, this is having a very long holiday from nursery. We will talk about things that make us feel excited and things that might make us feel worried. We will discuss ways of dealing with this and who can help us.

In science we will be exploring our senses as we play and learn around the nursery. There will be lots of interesting things to see, touch, taste, feel and smell!