Queensferry Primary School

School Transport Survey

Parent School Transport Survey

Earlier this year, parents were asked to complete a survey on how their children were transported to school, what parents felt were the main issues regarding transport and traffic management around the school and what their views were on potential solutions to ease traffic congestion around the school. 128 parents completed the survey which has provided a large set of data for us to work with. Many thanks to all who took the time to complete the survey.

The results of this survey can be viewed by clicking on the attached link: QPS Travel Survey (002) in addition, following are a few points summarising the feedback received;

What do parents see as the main traffic related issues around the school?

Why don’t more parents encourage children to cycle to school?

What would encourage parents to let their children cycle to school?

What would encourage parents to let their children walk or use the bus?

Drop off Locations

Parents where asked where they dropped off their children.

How do children travel to school?

Parents were asked how their children travelled to school.

Do children travel to school alone or in company?

How far is the journey to school?

Why do parents drive their children to school?

What would encourage parents not to drive to school?

Other points

Next Steps

The school will continue to engage with the city of Edinburgh council road safety department and utilise information provided through this survey to draft a comprehensive traffic management plan for the school. This could include;


Watch this space for further updates and please feel free to engage with any member of the PC for further information