Nursery Diary

Friday 4th – Friday 11th November

In Literacy, both classes will be focusing on Rhyme for World Nursery Rhyme Week this week. We will be reading rhyming stories, poems and songs as well as looking at traditional nursery rhymes.

In SEAL (Stages of Early Arithmetical Learning) we will be focusing on counting within 10, forwards and backwards,starting and stopping at different points.

Both classes will be continuing to look at time in maths, linking daily events in our lives and seasonal changes to the changing of the clocks. Some children in the North Nursery have been interested in weighing, so they will continue to have opportunities to investigate this through play.

Our Health and Wellbeing focus across the nursery will be on understanding positive aspects of friendship, and knowing who they can go to for help or support. We will be starting a talking and thinking floorbook for this to encourage children to share their thoughts and ideas.

Our Science focus is on exploring the sky, identifying the sun, moon and stars and linking this to our time focus in maths. We will be exploring non-fiction texts and discussing our findings.

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