Queensferry Primary School

Nursery Diary

Friday 9th – Thursday 15th December
Our Nativity Performance is (almost) ready to go! This week we will be looking at costumes and will have 2 practices on the stage in school. The children have been doing a fantastic job of remembering what to do!

In Maths we will be continuing to explore money, as we buy and sell things in role play opportunities, linking to the use of stamps for sending letters and parcels.

In literacy we will be adding to our writing floorbook, exploring writing cards and letters to Santa, and posting them in our Christmas post box.

In Health and Wellbeing we will be thinking about health and hygiene. We will be learning about how to use our new toilet facilities, the importance of washing our hands and brushing our teeth.
We will have the opportunity to retell the Nativity story through play in our stable setting in the middle room. We will begin learning our dances for the Nativity performance and continue to work on our songs and stage directions.