Queensferry Primary School

Nursery Diary

Friday 29th September – Thursday 5th October

In Literacy we will be focusing on talking and listening. We will be supporting the children to know when to talk and when to listen, as well as paying attention to volume of voice. We will be encouraging the children to share news, thoughts and ideas. We will explore the importance of using words to communicate during our play.

Our Maths focus this week be on recognising and exploring domino patterns through our play and nursery routines. Recognising dot patterns is part of the SEAL (Stages of Early Arithmetical Learning) approach, and supports children in their early understanding of number.

In Health and Wellbeing, we will be continuing to look at health and hygiene. We will be talking about when and how to wash our hands, and we will also be brushing our teeth together in groups. If you do not wish your child to take part in tooth brushing, please let us know.

Our wider focus this week will be on weather. We will be discussing and recording the weather, looking at weather forecasts and linking this to the seasons.