Nursery Diary

Friday 26th January – Thursday 1st February

The children are continuing to enjoy our focus on traditional tales. We are going to continue to use these as a basis for our new focus – sharing our likes and dislikes about different stories. Adults will be modelling this and encouraging the children to share their opinions.
Our maths focus will be on counting collections. Our children have been showing an interest in counting during their play, and we will be providing resources and opportunities to support this.
In Health and Wellbeing, we will be continuing to think about friendship, caring, sharing, fairness and equality. As we work with our friends we will be working on learning their names.
As we have had so many different types of weather recently, the children have shown an interest in discussing and exploring this. We will continue to encourage this as we learn outside in different weather, linkng it to how the weather makes us feel. Some of our bulbs are growing in the garden and we will look at this, linking it to the seasons.

*Eye tests for preschool children will take place this week on Monday and Tuesday.
*Maintenance work on our ceilings is ongoing for the time being. Thank you for your continued support and understanding and please continue to bear with us!

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