Nursery Diary

Friday 23rd February- Thursday 1st March

With all of our recent upheaval due to our building work, we have noticed that our children need some extra support to follow rules and routines, and to take care of our nursery belongings. We have had a great number of toys and resources broken over the last few weeks.
We are going to spend time reinforcing the importance of taking care of toys and resources, and ask for your support in this. We will be discussing this at toothbrushing time and throughout our interactions across the nursery rooms.
In the block play room, there has been a lot of interest in measuring, and we are going to continue to extend this through play this week.

With our recent return to the Quiet Room, we will be supporting the children with how to use the ‘loose parts’ resources and to keep voices low and behaviour calm in this room.

Across the nursery, we have noticed an interest in letters and numbers, and we will be providing lots of opportunities across the nursery to explore these further.

All staff will spend time observing the children’s play, looking for popular themes to allow us to expand on interests and extend learning through opportunities linked to current interests.

* Remember – it is World Book Day this THURSDAY
* Our building work should be completed in the next few days. Thank you for your support during this challenging time!

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