Our first few weeks in P6LY….

It’s been a packed first few weeks of the new school year for everyone in P6 and we thought it might be a good idea to let you know a little of what we’ve been enjoying doing in P6LY – so, here goes….

  • The skiing has been a huge hit – everyone has been trying really hard and helping each other – no matter how many times they may have fallen over!!
  • Learning about invasion games in P.E. with Mr Glass – bench ball is already a firm favourite.
  • Making origami bookmarks in Art with Ms. Love (and if your homes are anything like our classroom, you will be finding ever-smaller bookmarks everywhere!)
  • Getting to code with Scratch in ICT – (and there will hopefully be lots more of that as the year progresses!)
  • We are also very pleased and proud to have 4 new woodwind players receiving tuition from Mr Hallam.

Finally, when the class were asked for one word to describe these first few weeks, the first four responses were Fantastic, Fun, Amazing and Okay!!

We’ve got lots more planned over the next few weeks, so come back to find out about our trips to Craigie Farm, the Outdoor Learning Challenge at Holyrood Park and much, much more…..

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