Queensferry Post -Benmore


The week before the October holidays the p7s went to Benmore. We did lots of fun activities such as gorge walking, caving, orienteering and lots more. It took around two and a half hours to get there with a stop off at Luss for lunch. When we got their we had a biscuit and juice and found out what activity groups we were in and then we went to make our beds which was interesting. After that we got our waterproofs on and went to PUDDLE LANE which was amazing. Now I’ll tell you about the activities we did. First biking, biking was really fun first we went to the bike shed and got fitted for bikes, helmets and gloves then we cycled around and got very wet which was fun. Next I’ll tell you about high ropes, high ropes was really fun. Now gorge walking, gorge walking was really fun we went up the gorge and then there was some slides to slide down. Next caving , caving was really fun we had to climb really high in the forest to get to the caves and then we sat in a cave and found gold dust.

     by Jayde Davis

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