Queensferry Post – Monthly Maths Challenge

Monthly maths challenge

Hello, I’m Freya from our wonderful school newspaper, and since it’s a school newspaper, I wanted to give everyone a good old brain booster! I’ll be sorting them into early, middle and upper stages.

Early stages

John has 5 apples and eats 3, how many does he have now?

Derek has 10 Haribos and gets 2 from his friends. How many does he have?

Anna has 10p but gives 5p to Sophie to buy sweets, how much does she have now?

Middle stages

If Johnathan has a stack of twelve seats, and James has a stack of nineteen. How many more does James have?

Three people were standing in a line and one person joins at the back of the line, then two people leave. How many people are in the line now?

There’s 24 branches on a tree and 5 snap off, how many branches are on the tree?

Upper stages

First question, Tony has 27 bags of sweets and he sells 23 at a sale but ten restocks 15 of them, how many does he have now?

Dean wanted to paint his bathroom floor. His floor is 5x7cm2. How much area does his floor take up?

If lizzie has 172 apples and someone buys 78 and she restocks 50. How many does he have

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