Queensferry Post Online – Freya’s Monthly Maths!

Early stages

Jerry has 14 apples Sarah buys 6 how many does Jerry have left?

Jen has 5 sweets and eats 2 then gives her friends 2 how many does she have left?

Fergen has 10 p and buys 2 sweets one is 3 p one is 5p how much change does he get?

 Middle / Upper stages

Ben has 150 cans of pop at his shop 68 were bought how many cans are left for tomorrow?

Harper has 2 pairs of football boots and she gets 2 more pairs for her birthday and she wears 1 pair of her new boots to her next football match. How many pairs have never been worn?

Heath has 4 chocolate bars and gives 1 to his friend for Christmas and eats 2 and a half. How many does he have left?

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