STEM – Home Learning Videos

I have uploaded some STEM home learning videos for different areas of the school to watch and possibly try at home.



These can be watched and discussed on Seesaw with your teachers or you can try some of the activities and again share this on Seesaw.

The videos are split into different levels, however any child can watch any video and contribute however they want.

Also, please see this weeks Science Story and share your answer by voting too.

I look forward to hearing, on Seesaw, how you use these videos.

Please also share if you have been doing any other STEM related activities at home that I could share with other children in next weeks videos.

Good luck.

Mr B

2 thoughts on “STEM – Home Learning Videos

    • Thank you for noticing Georgina. Yes it was there the whole way through. If you look at the Early Level video, you will see why. I filmed that one first. Did it spoil your viewing fun? Mr B


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