P.E. Week 2 Update & 60sec Challenges

Morning boys and girls, I hope you are all safe and well. Week 2 P.E. lesson is on Hand Eye Coordination and ball skills, see the clip below. I would like you to try this during your own P.E. lesson if there is time or another part in the day.

Week 2 is also is where Mr Glass would like you to learn something new, from a new task or skill to something you have always wanted to do. I would also like you to remember that there is a lot going on and Mr Glass is only posting ideas and examples of what you could be doing in your spare time or when you want to be active.

I know boys, girls and their families will think of their own ideas and this is awesome, so please don’t overload or do to much. Also you have to learn that your studies come first and I have been so impressed to hear about all your good work with your teacher on seesaw, keep it up.


Therefore, Mr Glass has decided to challenge himself to firstly try and touch his toes without bending his legs, therefore he will have to work on his flexibility and stretching over the next 7 days.

Secondly, Mr Glass is also going to attempt how to learn to juggle, this is something Mr Glass has always attempted but sadly never mastered. In doing so Mr Glass is going to watch internet clips on how best to learn how to juggle. Therefore, I would like you to challenge yourself and post your before and after efforts on seesaw, so that Mr Glass can see all of your amazing efforts. I know myself I might not be able to achieve either or both tasks, but what I am hoping for is some improvement. Therefore, I will write a short diary of how my progression has went, with things I have found easy and challenging and I look forward to hearing and seeing your own attempts soon.

Our very own Heather Brownlee active schools coordinator for QPS is working with the rest of her team ActiveSchoolsEdinburgh to create an A-Z of active videos that you can try over the course of the next few weeks. You can access this from their own twitter page https://twitter.com/ActiveSchoolsED Please make sure and have a look and see if it gives you more ideas.

Other Idea this week that Mr Glass would like you to try from our P.E. grid are making shapes, kitchen games, dance (I cannot wait for this myself) Yoga and reading/drawing whilst being active. I have also incorporated a few ideas below to try and help you be creative.

Monday making shapes we can do lots of actives especially fitness related or gymnastics that can help with this. I have thought of playing noughts and crosses. This includes squares, circles and crosses, and you could be as creative as you think from the example below.

Kitchen games can be anything using something that you might find in the kitchen from recycling to actual games themselves. Mr Glass has made his very own throwing box challenge and golf putting challenge but you could think of anything else and be really creative yourselves.

Dance can be anything from aerobics to Fischy music just get up and be active. Mr Glass has decided to do the garden on Wednesday for 1 hour whilst listening to music and dancing whilst he weeds! So challenge yourself to something from dancing and dressing up as your favourite character to attempting the foot shale dance with someone in the family.

On Thursday we have yoga and Mr Glass has made his own unique Yoga YouTube video below. But there are many other ways you can do yoga and I have attached a Disney Frozen link which is 30minutes long https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlg052EKMtk&t=407s and I have also a attached a grid that talks about health mind and body.


On Friday we have reading or drawing whilst being active, this could be that you’re in a wall sit or plank whilst reading or listening to an audio book, You could be acting out your favourite book whilst moving around the house, for Mr Glass it would be ‘Going on a Bear hunt’ as I would be able to use my imagination. You could also be drawing or attempting a word square and I have attached the below to try and give you some inspiration, but use your imagination and create your own.

This brings us to the weekend, as I said before above and below are just some ideas to keep Active and keep Healthy whilst studying at home. Mr Glass has also created another three 60 sec Challenges that you could attempt over the course of the week. But please someone challenge Mr Glass with their very own 60 sec Challenge!


Furthermore, as inspired by our sports ambassador Tegan if you want to try and write your name then do your attached fitness element per letter, here is something you and the family can try as well as useful links to famous people online that you can access and their time slots. Stay HEALTHY ACTIVE & SAFE. Mr Glass.

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