P.E. Summer Term – Sprint Training – Week 6

Hi boys and girls, I hope your all safe and well. Last week was rather different with the weather we had, but I was so impressed with the amount of pupils and families that were out and active. This week we look at how we can start a sprint race and the 3 stages that will have an impact on performance and result. These include the explosive start, stride phase and acceleration/finish. I will take you through how you can sprint start and then the key points of each stage. Remember the teaching points of last week; hip-pit , high knees, bring up toes and reach forward, balls of our feet not heels, straight-line from torso and hold the budgie. This will help when applying to the additional teaching points in the clip below, although I am using a large space this can be done in a hallway over 5 steps. This will focus on your start and explosiveness from this position, you can also work on your strides in the same space.

60 Second Challenge R (Run) – Sprint reactions and turning. This week we are looking how quick we are at take off and changing direction. This will help in all aspects of athletics and sports that we will undertake in and out of school. We are looking at how we can change direction without loosing momentum and speed and what we have to do with our body. See how many times you can complete the shuttle section.

60 Second Challenge J (Jump) – 5 Explosive jumps. This week we are looking at how you can maintain your speed, momentum and balance to allow you to jump as far as you can with 5 continuous jumps. If you do not have space jump and mark 5 times and add up your distance. Try to do these jumps with rhythm and apply the teaching points in week 1 and 2.

60 Second Challenge T (Throw) – High/Long and Catch. This week we are working on our fast feet and reaction in all challenges, whilst combining what we have learnt in previous weeks. Therefore, we are looking to throw an object high and successfully catch, we score depending how long the object is in the air. If you have plenty of space then we are looking to throw the object long and successfully catch it and count the distance the object had travelled. If you do not have the space for this drill, then use a pair of socks and lie on your back and in your room throw them up and try and catch.

60 Second Conditioning Challenge – Out and In’s. In everything we do our core strength will impact on our results and therefore and strong and conditioned core will have a positive impact upon performance, results and ability as well as reducing the amount of injuries one may suffer. Therefore, this week we are focusing on the core and ability to coordinate different movements at the same time. There are different levels so try and work your way up to the demonstration in the video.

6o Second Fun Challenge – Boxing. This sport or activity depending on how you look at it, is one of the hardest to be conditioned for as it utilises nearly every muscle group within the body and therefore it is an excellent training session. This can be done with a friend or family member, just change the sequences and there is never any contact. I would like you to attempt my example and then in the 6o Second make up your own routine, it does not need to be repetitive like mines.

Boys and Girls, have a fantastic week and so that you are aware we are currently working hard to put some sort of sports day together that can be done at home but still towards the Sports Day Cup, look out for further announcements soon

Thank you and Stay Safe

Mr G


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