Health Week & Sports Day (Senior) – Summer term, week 8

Morning boys and girls and it is that time of the year already. It is our very own Health Week and Sports Day. You can have Sports Day any day you wish as long as you upload you scores onto the form provided. So how will it all work? The information below, should allow you to know what is happening throughout the week, what events are involved in sports day and a detailed description on how you can do these and how to send in your results. A massive thank you to ALL the staff working behind the scenes to make this possible. However, our Interactive Health Week and Sports Day can only be successful if YOU and Your Household get involved.

Plan for the week is as follows: –

In Senior Sports Day, which is for pupils in P4 – P7. There are 8 events and a group of our very own house captains and sports ambassadors, have put a YouTube clip together. This details what the event is, what is involved at the event through a detailed description and demonstration. How to score and the rules of the event. Now some of these events require equipment and you may not have what the pupils use to demonstrate. That is ok as all the events have been planned to be adaptable through space and equipment by you the athlete.

Therefore, you are all good to go, but the most important part for some is uploading your scores. You can only upload you score once and has to be on Thursday. However, as I mentioned previously you can have your sports day on Tuesday and upload scores on Thursday. Also if you, your mum and dad and anyone else that stays in the house take part you also score their points as your score. Therefore, the more people involved, the more points you get. Here is the link to form to upload your results.

We want this to be a family event and we hope that you have a lovely week. I will be sharing the results with you at sports day assembly on Friday. If you would like to share any of your photos from sports day please upload them to your class seesaw page and tag sports day.

Thank you

StaySafe & StayActive

Mr Glass

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