Health Week & 5K Challenge

On top of everything we have planned this week we also want to encourage you boys and girls to get out and about and go for walks, a cycle or a scoot. Therefore, I would like to challenge you to the 5k challenge this week if you feel inspired to do so. During a break in the day I enjoy going out for a walk with my family to re-energise the body, re-focus the mind and breath in the fresh air. I have worked out some loop’s around Q.P.S with distances to help you along your way. If you get involved, please post your experiences and times in your class seesaw folder.

In relation to being active, we also have to look after ourselves and stay healthy in the mind and the body. Therefore please see the following links that can give some fantastic insight and support. With regards of healthly eating please have a look at . With regards of looking after our minds and having a positive mindset please have a look at

StaySafe & StayActive

Mr G

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