P.E. Summer Term – Week 9

Hi boys and girls, I hope you have managed to recharge the batteries, after a very positive, rewarding and busy Health Week last week. It was so pleasing to see all your posts with regards your Health Week activities and our very own Virtual Sports Day. Well done to all that took part from baby brothers/sisters to grans and grandads a fabulous effort by all. Now there is plenty to be getting on with our Famous 60 second challenges and I look forward to seeing some of your attempts and scores. However, I will not be setting any challenges this week but working with Mr McLean to bring you some activities that you can now be trying at home.

Mr McLean and I got together to show 7 activities that you could now be trying in and around your home involving working with someone else. We decided, to try a create a variety of activities that would be engaging, fun, challenging and most of all rewarding. Therefore part 1 will focus on Golf, French Boules and Square Reaction delivered by Mr Mclean.

Part 2 will focus on Tennis, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball and Movement Reaction. As you can now see our focus is to get you outside and work with a partner if possible and if feasible. We also wanted to give you an insight to the variety of sports and activities that we would have been doing in our final few weeks of school on Burgees Park.

Challenge time with a difference. I have been keeping you active and busy with my challenges. Now I want you to challenge me, I have one outstanding involving a yoga ball in my garden, which I will be doing today. However, your mission is to come up with a unique and new challenge. Then you must complete that challenge, name it then post it to me in your class page and tag PE. I will then attempt your very own IChallengeMrG!

Furthermore, please keep your eyes peeled for a special well done message coming your way this week!

StaySafe & StayActive


Mr G

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