Primary 2 Literacy – w/b 4th October

Here are the sounds and words we are learning to read and write in P2 this week.

Sounds – au and aw. Please cut these out of the yellow sounds card and continue to practise and build words with them alongside last year’s initial sounds, for example h-au-l says haul and p-aw says paw. Yesterday we talked about ‘au’ being a beginning or middle sound (autumn, astronaut, Paul etc) whereas ‘aw’ usually appears on the end of a word, or can be followed by letters l or n (law, saw, fawn, crawl etc).

Words – we have revised the words ‘into’ and ‘here’. Our new tricky words this week are ‘do and ‘as’. We talked about the easy and the hard parts of the words.

Can we read and write these words (and sounds) and use them correctly in sentences? Have we spotted them in this week’s new reading books or in our favourite books and comics? Have a go.

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