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Head Teacher
Mrs Karen MacGregor

Depute Head Teacher
Mrs Alison McLean

Depute Head Teacher
Mrs Iona Watson

Principal Teachers
Mrs Jane Thomson
Mrs Gillian Law

Business Manager
Mrs Eileen Grant

Support for Learning Teacher (T,W,Th)
Mrs Irene Grant

School Administrator
Mrs Carole Gallacher

Clerical Assistant
Mrs Roselle Campbell

P1McC Mrs McConachie
P1McL Miss McLean
P1W/M Miss Watson and Mrs McIntryre
P1/2L Ms Law
P2H Miss Hall
P2S Miss Simpson
P3I Miss Innes
P3B/W Mrs Black and Mrs Wainwright
P4H Miss Hendry
P4L/S Mrs Leithead and Mrs Sprason
P5T Mrs Thomson
P5P Miss Petrie
P6C Mrs Carson
P6A Miss Antequera
P7C Mr Carson
P7L Mr Lynch

S.T.E.M. and non-contact cover – Mr Brownlie
Probationer cover – Mrs Sawers

Physical Education
Mr Steven Glass – PE teacher

Pupil Support Assistants
Mrs Lisa Topping
Mrs Dot Baxter
Mrs Jackie Simpson
Mrs Sheila Smith
Ms Caroline Herbert
Mrs Lynette Potter
Miss Laurie Asher
Mrs Carron Connolly
Mrs Lauren Jackson
Mrs Mary Anne Arbuthnott
Mrs Alison Carcas
Mrs Fiona Knapp
Mrs Sandie Fawl
Mrs Christine Bell

Wraparound Care
Mrs Dot Baxter
Mrs Sheila Smith
Mrs Jackie Simpson

Facility Technician 
Mr Kenny Everett

Music Tutors
Mr Gareth Ross – Brass
Mrs Justine Corr – Violin
Mrs Lynne Fleming – Cello
Mr Dan Hallam – Woodwind