P2 Reading Books Update

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We are pleased to let you know that your children are now bringing home a shared reader and a book that they have already practised reading in class every Monday.

They are reading their books one week ahead to allow their books to rest before they come home and after they are returned to school.

Both shared readers (SR), reading books (ORT) and reading records should be returned to school on a Thursday to allow them to rest ready for the following week. Please sign the reading record to say you have been able to read together.

Please try your best to take some time to support your child with their reading. We understand that current circumstances mean that your child will not have their book at home for as long as previously and so we have decided to make reading practice / taking the time to talk about the book the main area of your child’s ‘set’ home learning for the time being. Additional learning activities that can be completed more flexibly will follow as we continue to settle into our new routines.

Reading Books (ORT) Advice

Build up your child’s confidence when they are reading, especially if they are tired! You have 3 nights and the reading can be spread over these to suit you.

If your child is finding a word, sentence or page difficult then it is always fine to read it to them to repeat in a way that will help them.

Top Tips

Encourage your child to read the book out loud, ensuring they are following each word with their finger.

Show your child how to join their sounds – p_a_t – pa_t – pat,

Spot rules together – sh, ch, th, wh, ai, ay, ee, ea, igh, y, oa, ow, oo, ew, oi, oy, ou, ow, au, aw – th_r_ew – threw

Help your child split larger words into smaller groups, this will help them to read with increased fluency   i.e. Kipper  Kip-per  (sound out each section and then join them back up.)

Point out punctuation (. , ? ! “”) and discuss how to use these. When you spot an ! ask your child how they think the character is feeling and reread the sentence using expression.

Look out for key words – point out tricky words that can’t be joined together and challenge your child to spot if they appear again within the book or other books.

You might awant to take it in turns to read a page or a sentence to gradually build your child up to reading their whole book.

P2 Links to Support Learning

Here are a couple of links for online games you may wish to use to support your child’s learning.


Play Karate Cats English Game For Kids | Free Online Spelling Games - BBC  Bitesize

Practise ordering numbers within 100

Practise number bonds to 10

Practise a range of maths skills while helping the Karate Cats

Sounds and Reading

Practise spelling and punctuation with the Karate Cats

Practise making and using sounds to build your words

Continue to make use of your P1 Oxford Owl login. Please let me know if you no longer have access to it.


What’s happening in P2 this month?

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Key days of the week

Monday – Shared Readers home

Tuesday – P.E day

Thursday – Return Shared Readers and Reading Records

Key information


At the moment Mr Glass is teaching us on a Tuesday morning.

These classes will be outdoors as much as possible, so please ensure that your child wears appropriate clothing on that day (eg trainers, leggings/joggers, school jumper/sweatshirt). Please also bring a spare pair of trousers or a skirt in case these get wet.

For safety reasons, hair should be tied back. No school ties please!! If required, the children will also be asked to wear their outdoor coat.


Shared readers will go home every Monday.

Please keep these in a safe place at home and take time to enjoy them together.

Please return both the shared reader and reading record on Thursdays so they can be ‘rested’ for 72 hours.

A Little Bird Told Me by P2H and P2/3H

Robin found a big flock birds and she flew with them to Bethlehem. She found a special baby called Jesus. Mary and Joseph were in a stable. A star guided people to the stable. Angels told people about the baby and guided them to the stable. Three wise men, camels, shepherds and sheep all followed the star to visit the baby. It took them all a long time to get there. Some of them had to travel 2,000 miles. It was very tiring and sometimes they had to rest. The birds could travel quickly because they didn’t have to follow roads.