STEM – Wildlife Photographer Results

Thank you to every child who took part in my online photo vote.

Primary 2 voted more than any other stage, so well done to them.

The photo that was voted for the most was the Marmot and Fox photo below:

Yikes! Fox and rodent battle is top wildlife photo - BBC News

The Marmot and Fox photo actually won the competition in 2019.

The winner of the actual competition for 2020 is the photo with the squabbling mice below:

Wildlife photos: Squabbling mice top 'people's poll' award - BBC News

Thank you again for those children who took part.

Mr B

STEM – Chemical Reactions 2

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Welcome back to another week of Science online.

Most of us are continuing to look at Chemical Reactions this week.

Second level have a different challenge to fit in with Queensferry Community High School, but this can also be completed by primary 5 and primary 6 too.

For the Second level challenge, there are further instructions linked below the videos and a Twitter example on how it could look.

Also, the Science Story this week is about the Wildlife Photographer of the year so I have created a presentation about the different photos that were in the final and asking you to vote for your favourite one.

You might have to click on ‘play’ once you get into ‘Sway’ and the link to voting form is at the bottom.

If the voting link is not working please just share on Seesaw which is your favourite photo and why.

I will post the results for this vote, later in the week.

Good luck.

Mr B

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STEM – Chemical Reactions

Welcome to another week of Science online.

This week we are all focusing on different chemical reactions.

If you are able to do these activities at home then please get some adult help.

If you cannot do these activities at home, then you can still send your comments on SEESAW.

As always, the activities are labelled for different stages but you can choose to do any level.

We also have a new Science Story for you to comment on too. I found it very interesting but it is quite tricky to understand.

Good luck with everything.

Mr B

STEM – Design Challenge

I hope you are all enjoying the super sunny weather. Here are this weeks STEM videos for you to try at home. As always feel free to attempt any of these, but they are labelled for specific levels.

This week we are having different design challenges across STEM so it is a bit different.

I look forward to seeing what you think of the different challenges on SEESAW.

I have also attached the PowerPoints for the First and Second Level challenges so you can have a closer look.


Mr B