P7 Catch Up

It’s been a while since our last post, but we’ve not been lazing around in that time!

The October week was much needed after Benmore, and washing machines were put to the test getting rid of a week’s worth of mud and grime.  And that was just the teachers… Since then the children have been putting the finishing touches to their important Benmore booklets which will serve as evidence towards the Adventure section of the JASS work.

We enjoyed a second world war “rationing” day. The children got to Make Do and Mend (sewing buttons and patches onto old clothes) before showing off their skills in a fashion show, and tried regrowing vegetables such as leeks and spring onions as a way to make food go further.  The final activity was making carrot cookies with Mrs Thomson, proving that everything can go into a cake as long as you add enough sugar to it.

The NSPCC came to visit us, speaking about staying safe and reminding us of the Childline phone number, 0800 1111.

children making poppiesWe then got down to work on our Remembrance Assembly.  Our visit to the poppy factory was a fantastic way to start this work, talking to the ex-servicemen and listenng to the wonderfully presented stories from the trenches.  Following that we visited the cemetery with Mr Cameron who helped us understand the purpose and significance of the graves and the people who were buried there. Boy dressed as a soldier

Our assembly on Friday 11th was very well attended, thank you everybody, and covered so many aspects of our topic work in presentations packed with examples of the children’s hard work.

Coming up in the next few weeks will be learning debating skills with pupils from Queensferry High School, taking part in Bible Alive with our SU teachers and then, unbelievably, it will be time for ceilidhs and decorations!

Life in P6T

Megan and Cara have been our class bloggers for the past two weeks – so much going on, it was difficult to remember it all!

We have started a science topic and we were learning about the ear. It was fun but gross because we found out loads about your ear wax – eek ew!

We went to New Lanark, we learned about what things people did in the Victorian times. We went on a really fun and educational ride which had cool holograms. Also we saw the only running water wheel today.

We watched a ‘how to’ YouTube video to make a prototype, then wrote instructions on how to make paper fortune tellers in our literacy jotters. The NSPCC (Child Line) came in and talked to us about how to stay safe online and about different types of abuse.

Today we watched the Primary 7 remembrance assembly which was 1 hour and 10 minutes long!

Nursery Diary

Friday 11th – Thursday 17th November

In Literacy, both classes have really enjoyed exploring rhyme. We will be continuing this for the next week, investigating words that rhyme and exploring our favourite rhymes and stories.

In SEAL (Stages of Early Arithmetical Learning) we will be focusing on counting on and back (e.g. the adult will count to 5, and the children count on or back from this point).

Both classes will be continuing to explore time, linking this to patterns of daily life and looking at clocks and how we use them.

Our Health and Wellbeing focus across the nursery will continue to be on understanding positive aspects of friendship, and knowing who they can go to for help or support. Both classes have started a Talking and Thinking Floor Book on this topic. Please feel free to have a look!

Neil from Rugby Tots is keen to start a class in Queensferry. We are exploring whether this could be offered within the nursery day. Please watch this space!

The North class will be extending the childrens’ current interest in forces, using magnets. The South class will be exploring art activities, drawing on experiences from across the curriculum.

* Children in Need Teddy Bears’ Picnic – South class on Thursday afternoon, North on Friday morning. (apologies for mix up over dates!)