P1 Autumn Term

Please take a look at the learning we will be doing this term. You will also receive a paper copy inside your childs’ bookbag. Please sit down and read this with your child. It is good to keep the copy on your fridge so you can refer to it throughout the term. This can help you think up some prompting questions so that when you are talking to your child about their day at school they (hopefully) won’t say ‘I can’t remember’ or ‘We did nothing.’

Here’s a copy in case your copy gets misplaced.

Termly plan 1 – for parentsP1 2016

Welcome to P1

We have already had a fantastic start to the year. The children are all settling in very well and we are looking forward to learning our first sounds today. You will get your first ORT book with Biff, Chip and Kipper either today or tomorrow. Don’t worry we don’t expect your child to read them yet! There is a sheet with the story on, please read this to your child while they look at the pictures. Please encourage your child to turn the pages. There are also some ideas for questions for you to ask them. Find a comfy place to sit and enjoy!


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Welcome Back!

Friday 26th August – Thursday 1st September

We have spent the first week or so in nursery allowing the children to settle in and explore. We have been closely observing their play and their interests. We have used our observations to inform where will take the learning next.

In Literacy this week, we will be exploring familiar stories and retelling them using drama/role play and puppets/small world settings.

In SEAL (Stages of Early Arithmetical Learning) we will be exploring counting forwards and backwards and recognising some numbers.
In response to the interests of the children, the North class will explore the concept of measurement, and the South will look at sorting and matching objects and shapes.

As our new families settle in, our Health and Wellbeing Focus will be on building positive relationships and enjoying being part of the nursery community.

Following our visit to Hopetoun, there has been a lot of interest in bugs and beasties! We will be continuing to explore these in the garden and the playroom, as well as investigating parts of plants and their features.

P6C last few days!

In less than two weeks we’ll be finishing our year as P6C and becoming the all-conquering P7C!  I am delighted to be taking the class on to the end of their primary school career and can’t wait to get stuck in to the adventures of P7!

A couple of reminders and things to look forward to…

Monday 20th sees a large assembly where our woodwind students will play for the whole school.  I am very proud of all the children who have committed to instrumental tuition this session and how prepared they are to perform!

On Tuesday 21st we will have our world of work day.  The children will enjoy talking to volunteers from a wide variety of careers from dietician to archaeologist!  Tuesday afternoon is the “Meet the Teacher”… I’m not sure how much we really have to learn about each other!

We will be moving classroom on Wednesday 22nd, and Room 14 will be our venue next session.  Miss Baird will be moving in to our current room, 12, after we have dealt with the contents of my cupboard…

Thursday 23rd is a day when I am in school but the children are not.  I will spend a good part of this day setting up and preparing the new room for them.

Friday 24th is still propsed to be the Early Years Sports Day (!) and because the P7 pupils will be rehearsing at the Barony Theatre all day, the P6 children have been enlisted as helpers so sports clothes can be worn that day again.

On Monday 27th we will enjoy watching the P7’s dress rehearsal of The Little Mermaid.

We will visit church on the afternoon of Tuesday 28th, before our 12 noon finish on Thursday 30th June.

Have a great Summer Holiday and I look forward to getting a good start to P7 in August!

Finally, some of our Health Week pictures…

School Transport Survey

Parent School Transport Survey120px-UK_traffic_sign_605.2.svg

Earlier this year, parents were asked to complete a survey on how their children were transported to school, what parents felt were the main issues regarding transport and traffic management around the school and what their views were on potential solutions to ease traffic congestion around the school. 128 parents completed the survey which has provided a large set of data for us to work with. Many thanks to all who took the time to complete the survey.

The results of this survey can be viewed by clicking on the attached link: QPS Travel Survey (002) in addition, following are a few points summarising the feedback received;

What do parents see as the main traffic related issues around the school?

  • The largest area of concern raised by parents was “traffic congestion” this was stated by around 95% of parents who responded to the survey
  • This was followed by “Parked cars obstructing views” of the road and “parking on keep clear markings” stated by around 75% and 70% of parents respectively.
  • When parents were asked to be more specific, by some margin the largest stated concern was “Burgess Road and cars parking opposite the school blocking the view for the crossing guide”.
  • This was followed by “Rosebery Avenue and heavy parking which made it difficult to see or cross between parked cars”.

Why don’t more parents encourage children to cycle to school?

  • The predominant reasons parents did not encourage children to cycle to school was “cycling on footpaths was too busy or narrow” and “roads being far too busy”.

What would encourage parents to let their children cycle to school?

  • Far more than any other, the major incentives raised by parents were “dedicated cycling routes to school”, stated by 89% of parents who answered the question
  • This was followed by “cycle training for children” stated by 72% of parents
  • Almost 30% of parents who answered the question stated that “nothing” would encourage them to let their children cycle.

What would encourage parents to let their children walk or use the bus?

  • “Less traffic”, “slower traffic” and “safer places to cross the road” were the primary motives stated by parents
  • These were followed by “road safety education” and “child pedestrian training”.

Drop off Locations

Parents where asked where they dropped off their children.

  • Over 65% of parents drop off their children at either Burgess Road or Station Road.
  • This is followed by Rosebery Avenue at around 13%.

How do children travel to school?

Parents were asked how their children travelled to school.

  • Walking was by some margin the most common method of children travelling to school with 63% of parents stating this
  • The next most common form of travel was car with 25% of parents stating this
  • Around 5% of parents state that their children travel by scooter or skates
  • 6% parents stated that their children travel by “park & stride” i.e. parents parking at least 400 metres from the school and children walking the rest of the way
  • Depending on the day of the week, between 1-3% of parents stated that their children cycled to school
  • There was very little variation in the method of children travelling to school according to what day of the week it is

Do children travel to school alone or in company?

  • Almost 50% of parents stated that their children travelled with an adult to school
  • Children travelling alone, with another adult or with friends were the next highest groups with 13-15% of parents stating each of these
  • 10% of parents stated that their children travelled with friends to school
  • Parents were asked to provide information for all their children attending school and generally the ratios stated above were the same for each child

How far is the journey to school?

  • Almost 84% of parents stated that their children travelled less than half a mile or between half a mile and a mile to school
  • 8 % of parents stated that their children travelled between 1 and 2 miles to school
  • Almost 5% of parents stated that their children travelled more than 3 miles to get to school

Why do parents drive their children to school?

  • Just over 45% parents stated that they drive their children to school because they are on their way to work
  • Just over 30% of parents stated that their children were too young to travel to school independently
  • Around 13% of parents stated that it was too far for their children to walk to school
  • Just over 9% of parents stated there was not enough time to walk to school

What would encourage parents not to drive to school?

  • “Safer crossing points on the journey to school” and a “ban on parking near or around the school at start and finish times” were by some margin the most popular options. These reasons were each stated by 45% of parents
  • The next most popular proposals were “knowing that many other children were walking to school” and “increased road safety information”. These were both options selected by around 25% of parents

Other points

  • Around 60% of parents stated that they would consider a car share and the same proportion stated they would use a walking bus (this is where children meet at a pre-determined location each morning e.g. a supermarket car park and are then accompanied by adults to school)

Next Steps

The school will continue to engage with the city of Edinburgh council road safety department and utilise information provided through this survey to draft a comprehensive traffic management plan for the school. This could include;

  • Traffic awareness campaigns, in some cases driven by pupils, to encourage more considerate parking around the school
  • Looking at ways to encourage more children to walk to school e.g. trialling a “walking bus”
  • Engaging with the CEC to explore the feasibility of implementing traffic management measures such as pedestrian crossing and targeting double yellow lines


Watch this space for further updates and please feel free to engage with any member of the PC for further information

Nursery Diary

Friday 10th – Thursday 16th June

This week in maths we will be continuing to explore symmetry as we watch our butterflies emerge from their cocoons (we are still waiting!). We will be making symmetrical pictures by folding and experimenting with mirrors.
In literacy we will be exploring mays of making marks with different materials. We will be encouraging children to write and make marks across the nursery.
Our role play area is going to become a school classroom for the last few weeks of term, where the children can enjoy playing with school resources and taking on the role of teacher or pupil!
Our Health and Wellbeing focus will continue to be on managing our feelings as we approach a time of change. For the preschool children, this is starting school, and for our younger children, this is having a very long holiday from nursery. We will talk about things that make us feel excited and things that might make us feel worried. We will discuss ways of dealing with this and who can help us.
In science we will be exploring our senses as we play and learn around the nursery. There will be lots of interesting things to see, touch, taste, feel and smell!

On Thursday we will be joined by Zoe from Boogie Beat who will be providing music and movements sessions for all of the children. If your child does not attend on this day but you would like to bring them along, please see a member of the nursery team.

P1 Assembly Tomorrow!


Primary 1 have been busy preparing for their first school assembly.They are very excited to share their learning with the special adults in their lives! We hope you will be able to make it, don’t forget your cameras!After you drop off your children, please come into school through the main entrance doors and find a seat in the hall. (I’ve heard some people are queuing already!)clip_art_for_website.jpg