P2 Tricky Words

We are trying very hard to learn to read and write our tricky words.

They are tricky  because

  • there are sounds that you hear but you don’t use to spell them
  • there are sounds you can’t hear but that you have to remember to write down

These are the new tricky words we are learning this term:

eight, learn, money, people, four, again, write, great, move, school, before, because, story, does, done

Here is a list of the all tricky words we have learned since primary 1. We are trying hard to spell these words correctly when we are writing stories.

Tricky Word Mat 1-4

Remember Santa is always particularly impressed if you spell these words correctly in your letters.





December chat

It’s amazing that we are nearly halfway through the year  already!  The children have dancingbeen working really hard right across the curriculum, while taking onthe duties of P7 well.

Since the beginning of November we have been at Benmore, had Parents’ Evenings, welcomed Pudsey to a Strictly Assembly, been immunised against the flu, learned about the Old Testament during Bible Alive presentations and helped at the Christmas Fair! And this is all as well as the Number Talk numeracy, improving our reading and writing and the Remebrance and Friction work we have been investigating.

And what’s coming up? Next week we’ll attend the P1-3 Nativity (not the staff one…) and are looking forward to Macastory’s Festive Friday show, The Frost Giant 2 – The Mirror of Malice.  Don’t forget your winter jumpers!

On 18th December our violinists will entertain us with a concert and Wednesday 20th December is…our ceilidh!
We have hired a 6 piece band for this event, and the children are encouraged to dress well for this.  More grown up than a “just” party they will dance with the invited guests and take part in games.
We also ask that each child brings something for the buffet table – enough for themselves and one other or tow others, not all 55 pupils! – and will ask them for their ideas in advance to prevent 55 plates of sausage rolls which, while delicious, have finite appeal…

Term will end after the church service on Friday 22nd December at 12 noon.  Then we’ll see you are the break for 2018!

Nursery Diary

Friday 17th – Thursday 23rd November

In literacy this week we will be continuing to focus on mark-making opportunities across the nursery. We will be using a range of materials to make marks and talking about what our marks mean or represent.

Our Maths focus continues to be on exploring the routines and events in our world and exploring clocks and calendars, linking to seasonal change and darker nights.

In Health and Wellbeing, we will be continuing to focus on friendship, caring, sharing and showing respect for ourselves and others. We will be encouraging good manners and positive interactions. We will be talking about how to solve disagreements with our friends.

In Science we will be spending time exploring the sky and space. We will be looking at the sun, moon and stars and linking this to the seasons and darker nights.


Nursery Diary

Friday 3rd – Thursday 9th November

In literacy this week we will be continuing to familiarise ourselves with our new approach to ‘word of the week’ through stories. We will have activities throughout the nursery linked to our words ‘scrub’ and ‘squirt’. These are taken from ‘Tigers Love to Say Goodnight’. We will be exploring this story and the language used in it.

Our Maths focus will continue to be on the concept of number. We will be trying to recognise numbers and use them in conversation through play, as well as counting and ordering them.

In Health and Wellbeing, we will be continuing to focus on encouraging the children to make choices using our choice boards and throughout the different play spaces available to them.

The children have been very interested in fireworks – even more so now that most have them have seen/hear fireworks. We will continue to explore this theme, linking it to darker nights and seasonal change.