Nursery Diary

Friday 19th -Thursday 25th May 2017

In literacy this week, we will be encouraging the children to tell and illustrate their own stories, as well as reading some of our favourites.

In maths and numeracy, the children will be continuing to explore symmetry as we look at lifecycles and growth in relation to butterflies. There has been some lovely work going on in both classes in relation to this.

Our Health and Wellbeing focus will continue to be on exploring where our food comes from. Our snack areas have a globe for us to explore how far our food has travelled and we will look at food labelling to find out where our food is from. We will link this to our social studies focus, which will be on exploring nature and the environment.

Our Getting Ready for Primary 1 workshops take place this Tuesday and Thursday morning from 9am until 10am. The first half of the workshop is just for parents, and the children will join us for some activities in the second half. Both workshops are the same, so please only attend one.

Whole School Photo – On Wednesday morning we will be joining the rest of the school for our whole school photo. If your child doesn’t attend on Wednesday morning, and you would like them to take part, please bring them to the school playground for 9.15am on the day.

P6 Heritage Trail

Lines have been learned, costumes have been fitted, it is nearly time for this year’s performances of the Heritage Trail!

A wee reminder of performance date and times:

Tuesday 23rd May 11:10am

Tuesday 23rd May 1:40pm

Thursday 25th May 9:30am

Thursday 25th May 11:10am

The trail begins outside the Queensferry Museum on the High Street.

Fingers crossed for this lovely weather on the day!

P7 Show – HONK!

The end of term is coming racing towards us and P7 are already elbow deep in rehearsals for our end of year show.honk

Attached is a copy of the proposed rehearsal timetable.  We will be rehearsing on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in school 2.15 to 3.15 as a whole year group, but we also have access to the school hall on Thursdays and Fridays after school.  Using the hall allows the pupils to really understand the space they have to use, and the volume of voice they need to use!

I have tried to get this right, and need the children to check which rehearsals they are needed for and add these dates to your calendar at home.  Any mistakes, omissions or conflicts please get in touch to see if they can be rectified.

It will be alright on the night.

It WILL be alright on the night…

Honk Rehearsal Timetable