P2 Links to Support Learning

Here are a couple of links for online games you may wish to use to support your child’s learning.


Play Karate Cats English Game For Kids | Free Online Spelling Games - BBC  Bitesize

Practise ordering numbers within 100

Practise number bonds to 10

Practise a range of maths skills while helping the Karate Cats

Sounds and Reading

Practise spelling and punctuation with the Karate Cats

Practise making and using sounds to build your words

Continue to make use of your P1 Oxford Owl login. Please let me know if you no longer have access to it.


Home Learning Week 1

Weekly Overview

Morning Primary 4! I hope we are all ready for a week of learning from home. This will be very different for us all, but we hope that this is something new and exciting and that you will all work as hard as you do when you are in class with us. Remember if you don’t manage this, don’t worry! All we want is for you to happy and healthy.

If you cannot access SeeSaw, please email your class teacher and they will give you more instructions.

Our timetable for the week is…

Monday Literacy – spelling 23/03/20

Look, cover, write, check

Sentences and an activity

Maths – Fractions

Design worksheet in Numeracy pack (24)


Half and quarters – poster

PE – look at your PE grid. You could also have a look at some exercise Youtube videos


Health and Wellbeing – create a poster of how you might help at home or how you can be kind to others at home

Tuesday Writing – Viking Storm at Sea using a picture stimulus Maths – Fractions

Create your own fractions worksheet using shapes and numbers. Why not send it to your teacher to complete or test someone at home.

Art – Illustrate your writing “storm at sea” from earlier today. Use what you have at home.


Technology – can you get familiar with SeeSaw and upload your favourite piece of work from the day.

Wednesday Literature Circle – finish or re read as much as you can of your book and complete your fact finder task in your literature circles workbook (this is your final task in your book you’ve previously been completing)


Numeracy – Place Value

Complete second page in numeracy book (2)

Complete first page in numeracy book (4- circles group)

French –Watch and learn French songs about colours and numbers






Thursday Literature Circles – reading will be set for each group on SeeSaw


Mrs Grants group – find five facts from your book


Numeracy – Place Value.

Choose a 3 or 4 digit number and tell us everything you know about it.

Science –  See science grid


Topic – Learn about Viking runes and write your name in runes (in learning pack)



Friday Literacy – Grammar. Contractions worksheet.

Mrs Grants group – choose an activity from your pack.



Numeracy – Practice times tables using online games (topmarks etc. ) You could also complete the first page in your times table book. Lets Get physical – Select a move it activity.


Technology – design a Viking weapon.



P2/3H Home Learning

Dear Families,

Attached to this post, you will find documents relating to your child’s learning. The learning packs we sent home will have activity grids, a QR access code for Seesaw, some printed resources and some jotters and workbooks. This pack should last until the Easter holidays and then beyond with further updates provided daily via Seesaw.

Seesaw is a sharing platform that the children will be able to use to record and share some of their learning. We are offering this as a home and school link during this time. You can use Seesaw to share some of your child’s home learning with me and I can provide feedback. If your child has mislaid the code please just email and I can send another copy.

If I can provide any other advice or support please get in touch.

Miss Hendry


Numeracy Online Games

Top Marks – Hit the Button
Top Marks – Toy Shop Money Game
Top Marks – Mental Maths Train
Maths Frame – Maths Mini Golf
Maths Frame – Defend the Tree  
Top Marks – Hit the Button
Maths Frame – Maths Invaders
Maths Frame – Defend the Tree
Maths Frame – Match the Maths Wall (Laptop only)  
Maths Frame – Hit the Button
Maths Frame – Tommy’s Trek
Maths Frame – Super Maths Bowling
Maths Frame – Marlon’s Magical Maths Mission
Maths Frame – Maths Invaders
Maths Frame – Stone Age Stu
Maths Frame – Archery Arithmetic
Top Marks – Maths Fishing
Maths Playground – Multiplying Snake
Maths Playground – Multiplying Blocks  
Top Marks – Hit the Button
Maths Frame – Road Hopper
Maths Frame – Defend the Tree  
Fractions, Decimals & Percentages
Maths Frame – Maths Invaders
Top Marks – Build a Fraction
Maths Frame – Match the Maths Wall (laptop only)

Queensferry Post Online – Freya’s Monthly Maths!

Early stages

Jerry has 14 apples Sarah buys 6 how many does Jerry have left?

Jen has 5 sweets and eats 2 then gives her friends 2 how many does she have left?

Fergen has 10 p and buys 2 sweets one is 3 p one is 5p how much change does he get?

 Middle / Upper stages

Ben has 150 cans of pop at his shop 68 were bought how many cans are left for tomorrow?

Harper has 2 pairs of football boots and she gets 2 more pairs for her birthday and she wears 1 pair of her new boots to her next football match. How many pairs have never been worn?

Heath has 4 chocolate bars and gives 1 to his friend for Christmas and eats 2 and a half. How many does he have left?