P.E. Summer Term – Week 10

Hi boys and girls, I hope this finds you all well. This is my last PE post of the summer term, in what has been another remarkable academic year 19/20. We have had our very own Queensferry Cup competitions with us retaining the cup this year, so well done to all that took part. I would like to give a special mention to P.E. students Mr Clubb, Mr Elder and Mr Calahan for their time this year. A special mention has to go to my sports ambassadors who it has been a pleasure to work with alongside Mr Thompson. They had so many wonderful and exciting ideas for the pupils, but sadly they were not able to implement these due to Covid19. SHOUTOUT for Ewan, Dylan, Oscar, Gregor, Lachlan, Rhona, Keri, Ava, Isla & Tegan. Final special thanks is for Miss Thomson and Mr McLean for all their excellent work and support and we wish them both well in their continued studies.

My last post will hopefully cover a wide range of areas that will keep you active now and over the summer term, make you smile with some notable messages and give me the opportunity to say a few words. I will start by saying my goodbye to this term.

This week is actually the National School of Sport week at Home 2020 as sponsored by Sky. Although we have had an incredible health week and active term. Here are some more links and ideas to keep you active now and over the summer weeks. There is also plenty of online information via the link https://www.youthsporttrust.org/national-school-sport-week-home and on their own twitter page if you are interested. I have inserted their information page and support pages for teachers that can be utilised at home.

This week Mr McLean and I got together to look at more activities we can do in larger groups, but also looked at additional activities we can do on our own or amend the larger scale activities. Not everyone will have access to space, not everyone will be able to socially distance with others and not everyone will be able to get outside. Therefore the following activities should suit anyone that is restricted to their own home, can be outside or can socially distance with another household. Do what works for you and enjoy being active.

Over the last week or so I have been contacted by parents, teachers, friends and people of the community to say how impressed they have been with the children of Q.P.S and their efforts of staying active. Health week and sports day was an absolute to joy to be part of and to see those wonderful messages, pictures and videos of you and your families engaged was overwhelming and heart warming. Therefore, I thought you might just like a final Q.P.S. news desk from some famous people in the world of sport rather than Mr G telling you how awesome you were.

With the summer nearly upon us I wanted to leave you with some ideas, tasks and challenges to keep you busy. I also thought it would good time to share with you what P.E. might look like when we return and how it will assist and support the pupils on their return and I cannot wait to see them all.

Finally, I would like to wish you and your families a lovely summer together. I am thinking of you all, but please go out and explore, have fun, enjoy your family time and rest. I look forward to seeing you all when we return, A final goodbye to an awesome, amazing and fantastic bunch of P7 students and a hello to our new pupils coming from nursey.

Thank you

StaySafe & StayActive

Mr G


Health Week Assembly Challenges

Thank you for watching our Health Week assembly, I hope you all enjoyed and took something from it. I will leave you and your families to now try out these fantastic 60second challenges. Set by current and former Olympians and Internationalist, as well as rising sporting stars and some faces you might just recognise.

I wonder how many challenges you can complete and I cant wait to hear if you score higher than any of our special guests. Have a fantastic day and wonderful weekend.

Many thanks for watching

Mr G

Health Week & Sports Day Assembly – Part 2

I hope that you enjoyed the first part of the assembly and I look forward to sharing part 2 with you all. Part 2 highlights include; thanking those involved , photo reel from sports day participants, sadly we could not get them all in, but please watch to the very end, finally the results!!! It does not matter what position your house finishes. You are all winners in my book, looking at your wonderful posts, individual efforts and results. Well done everyone.

Next up at 10am is the 60 second challenges set by some famous sporting stars. Good luck and I look forward to hearing what challenges inspired you and I wonder if anyone can beat a professional or Olympians score. Have a fantastic day, a lovely weekend and well deserved rest after all your efforts this week.

Many Thanks

Mr G

Health Week & Sports Day Assembly – Part 1

Morning boys and girls and the rest of your families, I hope this finds you well. I really hope you ALL have had a wonderful time and experiences during our Interactive Health Week and Sports Day. I have been overwhelmed and overjoyed looking at your posts pictures and videos. Although we have not had the best of the weather, in true Queensferry form we have made the most of it. Thank you.

I hope you enjoy what we have lined up for you today and a wonderful finish to Health Week. I wish you all a fabulous weekend.

Mr G

Health week & Sports Day (Junior) – Summer Term, Week 8

Morning boys and girls and it is that time of the year already. It is our very own Health Week and Sports Day. You can have Sports Day any day you wish as long as you upload you scores onto the form provided. So how will it all work? The information below, should allow you to know what is happening throughout the week, what events are involved in sports day and a detailed description on how you can do these and how to send in your results. A massive thank you to ALL the staff working behind the scenes to make this possible. However, our Interactive Health Week and Sports Day can only be successful if YOU and Your Household get involved.

Plan for the week is as follows: –

In Junior Sports Day, which is for pupils in Nursery – P3. There are 8 events and a group of our very own house captains and sports ambassadors, have put a YouTube clip together. This details what the event is, what is involved at the event through a detailed description and demonstration. How to score and the rules of the event. Now some of these events require equipment and you may not have what the pupils use to demonstrate. That is ok as all the events have been planned to be adaptable through space and equipment by you the athlete.

Therefore, you are all good to go, but the most important part for some is uploading your scores. You can only upload you score once and has to be on Thursday. However, as I mentioned previously you can have your sports day on Tuesday and upload scores on Thursday. Also if you, your mum and dad and anyone else that stays in the house take part you also score their points as your score. Therefore, the more people involved, the more points you get. Here is the link to form to upload your results.


We want this to be a family event and we hope that you have a lovely week. I will be sharing the results with you at sports day assembly on Friday. If you would like to share any of your photos from sports day please upload them to your class seesaw page and tag sports day.

Thank you

StaySafe & StayActive

Mr Glass


P.E. Summer Term – Sprint Training – Week 6

Hi boys and girls, I hope your all safe and well. Last week was rather different with the weather we had, but I was so impressed with the amount of pupils and families that were out and active. This week we look at how we can start a sprint race and the 3 stages that will have an impact on performance and result. These include the explosive start, stride phase and acceleration/finish. I will take you through how you can sprint start and then the key points of each stage. Remember the teaching points of last week; hip-pit , high knees, bring up toes and reach forward, balls of our feet not heels, straight-line from torso and hold the budgie. This will help when applying to the additional teaching points in the clip below, although I am using a large space this can be done in a hallway over 5 steps. This will focus on your start and explosiveness from this position, you can also work on your strides in the same space.

60 Second Challenge R (Run) – Sprint reactions and turning. This week we are looking how quick we are at take off and changing direction. This will help in all aspects of athletics and sports that we will undertake in and out of school. We are looking at how we can change direction without loosing momentum and speed and what we have to do with our body. See how many times you can complete the shuttle section.

60 Second Challenge J (Jump) – 5 Explosive jumps. This week we are looking at how you can maintain your speed, momentum and balance to allow you to jump as far as you can with 5 continuous jumps. If you do not have space jump and mark 5 times and add up your distance. Try to do these jumps with rhythm and apply the teaching points in week 1 and 2.

60 Second Challenge T (Throw) – High/Long and Catch. This week we are working on our fast feet and reaction in all challenges, whilst combining what we have learnt in previous weeks. Therefore, we are looking to throw an object high and successfully catch, we score depending how long the object is in the air. If you have plenty of space then we are looking to throw the object long and successfully catch it and count the distance the object had travelled. If you do not have the space for this drill, then use a pair of socks and lie on your back and in your room throw them up and try and catch.

60 Second Conditioning Challenge – Out and In’s. In everything we do our core strength will impact on our results and therefore and strong and conditioned core will have a positive impact upon performance, results and ability as well as reducing the amount of injuries one may suffer. Therefore, this week we are focusing on the core and ability to coordinate different movements at the same time. There are different levels so try and work your way up to the demonstration in the video.

6o Second Fun Challenge – Boxing. This sport or activity depending on how you look at it, is one of the hardest to be conditioned for as it utilises nearly every muscle group within the body and therefore it is an excellent training session. This can be done with a friend or family member, just change the sequences and there is never any contact. I would like you to attempt my example and then in the 6o Second make up your own routine, it does not need to be repetitive like mines.

Boys and Girls, have a fantastic week and so that you are aware we are currently working hard to put some sort of sports day together that can be done at home but still towards the Sports Day Cup, look out for further announcements soon

Thank you and Stay Safe

Mr G


P.E. Challenges

Hi Boys & Girls, family and friends. I just wanted to wish you all a safe and happy Easter Holiday. I hope that you can make the most of this occasion no matter what the circumstances and StayActiveHealthy&Safe. I look forward to seeing and hearing from you all after the 2week break. It has been a real pleasure hearing and seeing all of your wonderful efforts at staying active. Therefore, I have set you and your household 3 more 60Sec Challenges over the holidays and included this weeks again. Please remember the P.E. grids, these take you through the holiday period. I have also attached a few other Scavenger hunt ideas on the back of Mr Brownlie STEM idea posted today, so please give these all ago. I have also attached ideas for the adults as well. Mr Glass