Nursery Diary – Friday 18th August

Friday18th– Friday 25th August

We will spent the first week or so in nursery allowing the children to settle in and explore. We now have more areas open throughout the session and we will encourage the children to explore these. We will be closely observing their play and their interests and will use our observations to inform where will take the learning next.

We will be exploring books and stories throughout the different areas of the nursery.

We will be exploring the concept of number; numeral recognition and counting in a variety of ways across the nursery.


As our new families settle in, our Health and Wellbeing Focus will be on building positive relationships and enjoying being part of the nursery community.

Following our visit to Hopetoun, there has been a lot of interest in bugs and beasties! We will be continuing to explore these in the garden and the playroom, as well as investigating the plants in the nursery garden.

Nursery Diary

Friday 19th -Thursday 25th May 2017

In literacy this week, we will be encouraging the children to tell and illustrate their own stories, as well as reading some of our favourites.

In maths and numeracy, the children will be continuing to explore symmetry as we look at lifecycles and growth in relation to butterflies. There has been some lovely work going on in both classes in relation to this.

Our Health and Wellbeing focus will continue to be on exploring where our food comes from. Our snack areas have a globe for us to explore how far our food has travelled and we will look at food labelling to find out where our food is from. We will link this to our social studies focus, which will be on exploring nature and the environment.

Our Getting Ready for Primary 1 workshops take place this Tuesday and Thursday morning from 9am until 10am. The first half of the workshop is just for parents, and the children will join us for some activities in the second half. Both workshops are the same, so please only attend one.

Whole School Photo – On Wednesday morning we will be joining the rest of the school for our whole school photo. If your child doesn’t attend on Wednesday morning, and you would like them to take part, please bring them to the school playground for 9.15am on the day.

Nursery Diary

Friday 21st -Thursday 27th April 2017
For the next few weeks, both classes will be exploring growth. We will help to grow plants and care for them and explore human growth as well.
Our Literacy focus is on linking what we learn to what we already know. We will be exploring non-fiction texts about growth, discussing these and asking questions.

Our first Language and Communication Parent Session is this Tuesday at 9am. We look forward to seeing you there!
In Maths and Numeracy this week, the children will be given opportunities to sort different objects, and to choose their own criteria for this.

In Science this week we will be planting some different types of seeds and talking about what plants need in order to grow.

Our Health and Wellbeing focus will be on developing our understanding of the human body as we grow, move and develop. We will be talking about what happens to our body when we exercise.

A big thanks to all who supported our Bingo Night. We raised £900 and are now having a think about how we will spend it. We hope to purchase resources very soon!

10th -16th March

Friday 10th -Thursday 16th March 2017
In Literacy this week we will be focusing on listening and talking, learning and using new words as we explore our word of the week ‘respect’. We know that this is a tricky word but we like to challenge the children!

Our Curriculum for Excellence sessions for parents take place on Tuesday and Thursday morning at 9am. We look forward to seeing you there!

In maths and numeracy this week, we will be investigating sharing out a group of items or splitting a whole object into smaller parts. We will do this at snack and with dough and other resources.

In Science this week we will be exploring the difference between living and non-living things, looking at movement, feeding and growth.
Our Health and Wellbeing focus will be on physical skills such as balancing, throwing and catching. The children will take part in some active sessions in the gym hall.

Please sign up for an appointment to meet with your child’s key worker if you have not already done so.

Nursery Diary 24th February – 3rd March

This week our Book Fair will take place. There will be sessions at the beginning and end of the day on Tuesday and Wednesday and on Thursday morning.

Thursday is World Book Day. We will have an enhanced focus on books and storytelling on this day and throughout the week.

Our ‘Risky Play’ parent group takes place this Thursday and next at 9am – the group will be visiting the Vat Run with Mrs Mills and Mrs Crombie. If you have not signed up but would like to come, please let us know.

In maths and numeracy this week, we will be working on number and dot pattern recognition. We will sing number songs, do lots of counting and play with numbers across the different areas of the nursery.

Tuesday is Shrove Tuesday! We will be making pancakes, playing with pancakes and talking about lent.

Our Health and Wellbeing focus will be on making choices about our learning and sharing our thoughts and ideas as we work across the nursery areas. Staff will be encouraging the children to think about the choices they make.

Nursery Diary – Scottish Week

Friday 20th-Thursday 26th January 2017

This week we will be celebrating and learning about Scotland and Scottish culture and traditions as we celebrate Robert Burns’ birthday.
In literacy we will be reading Scots poems and stories and discussing any Scots words we may know or have heard.
We will have the opportunity to dance along to some traditional Scottish music and learn about keeping the beat.

In numeracy we will be continuing to explore numbers to 10 in our small group times and through play.

In Health and Wellbeing we will be tasting and preparing different types of traditional Scottish foods including tattie scones, oatcakes and haggis, neeps and tatties! We will have a mini Burns Supper on Wednesday where we will dress in tartan, address our haggis and give it a try!

*The children may wish to wear something tartan (if they have it)on Wednesday.

Nursery New Year

Friday 13th – Friday 20th January 2017
Welcome back and Happy New Year! We would like to thank all of our families for their thoughtful Christmas gifts for our staff and helpers. We hope that you all had a lovely festive season and holiday.

During our first week back, we spent time talking with the children and observing their play in order to inform our plan for the coming week.
In Literacy both classes will be investigating mark-making. For some children, this will be exploring writing letters and words. For others, it will simply be using a range of materials to make marks on paper and other surfaces. We will encourage each child to work on these skills at their own level.

In Numeracy, both classes will spend the week revisiting our focus on numbers – counting, recognising, discussing and ordering. We encourage the children to start counting from zero to help them to understand the concept.

In Health and Wellbeing, the North class will be exploring the tasks required to look after a baby, in response to an interest shown by some of the children.
The South class will be welcoming 10 new children, and the North will be welcoming 6 in the coming week, and so will be thinking about making new friends and helping others to feel welcome.

In the wider curriculum, the children have shown a lot of interest in imaginative play, so in both classes we will be helping them to extend their knowledge and understanding of how they can use their voice and movement in drama activities.

Nursery Diary

Friday 9th – Thursday 15th December
Our Nativity Performance is (almost) ready to go! This week we will be looking at costumes and will have 2 practices on the stage in school. The children have been doing a fantastic job of remembering what to do!

In Maths we will be continuing to explore money, as we buy and sell things in role play opportunities, linking to the use of stamps for sending letters and parcels.

In literacy we will be adding to our writing floorbook, exploring writing cards and letters to Santa, and posting them in our Christmas post box.

In Health and Wellbeing we will be thinking about health and hygiene. We will be learning about how to use our new toilet facilities, the importance of washing our hands and brushing our teeth.
We will have the opportunity to retell the Nativity story through play in our stable setting in the middle room. We will begin learning our dances for the Nativity performance and continue to work on our songs and stage directions.