P.E. Summer Term – Week 4

Hi girls and boys, I hope you are all safe and well. This week we are going to focus on improving our jumping technique, focus on achieving targets through walking and taking on our coaching team challenge. Mr G will also be posting more challenges on Friday through our special dress up for school day.

Standing Broad JumpThe standing broad jump is a great test of leg power and coordination. It contains a little bit more than simply jumping from a spot. Your starting position should have your feet slightly wider than shoulder width. Then we need to think about bending our knees to encourage the transfer of weight and propelling our body forward. Some people believe swinging our arms and hips will improve our jump. I am one of those people but theres no real science behind this theory, for me it is a preference. I have not managed to reach it but how close can you get to a world record, you could use the family to help by combining all your jumps. The world record for the standing long jump is currently held by Arne Tvervaag (Norwegian) who, in 1968, jumped 3.71 meters.

Most of you will swing your arms and sway your hips. If so its important you jump when the arms are moving from back to front, also rocking your feet through hip thrust will encourage this. Whilst getting into position you want to bring your arms back and begin to go into the quarter squat position, activating your glutes and hamstrings. From this position you should then look to drive forward with the hips and arms while jumping out as far as possible, landing in a good athletic position by bending your knees to cushion your landing and landing with forward momentum. Whilst carrying out this jump, you should be looking forward and above your head line for a clear line of focus.

From the standing broad jump, we can then look to link in steps that will assist and improve the distance, with a running starting position. This can then be transferred into triple jump and Mr G has explained this through an interactive demonstration below. Whilst trying out your jumping, you can challenge yourself and test your body. We could play jump the river as a family where we have to cross two lines, if our body touches the river then we are out. We can also do the pebble cross, this is where you put markers in the garden from one side to the other and you have to cross by jumping and only stepping on the markers. Additionally you can test your body by trying to jump off one leg, jumping sideways, jumping over an obstacle. Be creative, be imaginative, have fun but be safe.

Walking with a purpose, many of you are active everyday with your families, by going on bike rides, walks in and around Queensferry, playing in the garden or even walking in and around the house. However, can you give even more purpose to these forms of exercise?! Staying active and healthy is important to the development of our bodies and brain. The main fitness element we will be working on is cardiorespiratory. Additionally, why not try out some orienteering with some excellent ideas from Scottish orienteering that can be accessed here. This will also count to your step challenge. https://www.scottish-orienteering.org/lets-get-started-orienteering/ .We can also access one of my favourite resources https://www.scouts.org.uk/the-great-indoors/ that have a variety of excellent ideas for outside of the classroom thinking.

Coaching challenge. Finally, our very own coaches challenge. Many thanks to our coaching team that supply us lunchtime and after school classes through active schools. Please try these out and remember Mr G will be back on Friday with some challenges for over the weekend.


Good luck with all the above, try and give it ago or at least some of it. However, as long as your staying healthy and active then do whatever you can and what motivates you, please keep sharing with your teacher and myself what you have been doing. Sometimes this is affected by our mood, our energy levels, the weather and what we have in and around our house. Please do not let things be a barrier, use your imagination, find some inspiration but StaySafeStayActive.



P.E. Summer Term – Week 3

Morning, Boys and Girls. This week apart from our challenges, I would like you to focus on JUMPING. Consider the key factors that will make you jump, this all depends on the type of jump you are doing. If we are looking at a vertical jump, then we have to consider our hang time for example basketball players and Cristiano Ronaldo are some of the best examples. They are able to use explosive power to leave the ground, then hang in the air to complete their skill. Therefore, a good test of your own hang time is to jump up and count how long you are off the ground. Next we have jumping forward, especially evident in athletics. There is the long jump and triple jump but there is also the high jump and pole vault. The pole vault was on the news recently as current athletes were competing in their own garden. I would like you to focus on your broad jump, this is a 2 foot jump with no run up and try to jump as far as you can. As you can see, there is no teaching points we will discuss these next week. I would like you to go away try these. Then I would like you to problem solve and work out how you could jump higher or further and give it a go and let me know what works. Our 60Sec Challenges this week will be based on our Run, Jump and Throw.

60Sec Challenge 1 – Running (the clock challenge, directional fast feet work)

60Sec Challenge 2 – Jumping (Teddy jump, in a variety of different ways)

60Sec Challenge 3 – Throwing (Target Throw, tin can alley)

60Sec Challenge 4 – Conditioning (Conditioning our bodies through exercise)

Good Luck, StaySafe & StayActive

Mr G.


P.E. Weekend Update

Hi Boys and Girls, Mr McLean and I thought we should share another video with regards conditioning our body for athletics, which will have an impact in all sports. Therefore, due to current weather, we have put a circuit together that can be done indoors or out. This circuit includes a variety of 16 different stations and we would like you to work for 60 seconds per station. This includes your rest period. Therefore, you will have to decided both your level of exercise and work to rest ratio. You may also wish to repeat this circuit more than once depending on your level of fitness. We hope you enjoy this circuit and look forward to posting more updates soon.

Mr McLean has also posted some Rugby hand eye coordination skills that he feels can be applied across lots of sports and will improve your skill set. Although he is using a rugby ball, you can use any form of ball for these sessions. Mr McLean will post additional skills over the next few weeks and it is nice to see him being active and involved with us, a big thank you from me.

Thank you and StaySafe and StayActive

Mr G and McLean


P.E. – Summer Term – Throwing

Morning all, I hope that you are well and I am super impressed to have seen so many wonderful P.E. related posts from yourselves. However, have you been working on your throwing technique? Not to worry this is something we can do any day in and out of the house, on our own or with family. There are 3 different throwing techniques; under arm, over arm and the main athletics throw the javelin throw. When throwing, we need to look how we hold an object, use our preferred hand and don’t grip so tight as we have to release it. We also have to look at accuracy more than power, as power will come as we grow and get stronger. Therefore, to help with power when you throw shift your hips in the direction you are throwing, this is how we ‘transfer weight’. Next aim, this is so important, use the arm you are not throwing with as a guide, consider the angle and power you will release ‘problem solving’. Your throwing arm should coil back ‘bend elbow’ like a spring and be ready for release. I want you to try different throws into a target and work out how to improve this. You can also be throwing back and forward with a partner. Mr McLean will be sharing videos at the end of the week with a rugby ball for some examples.

60Second Challenge 1. This weeks challenges have been set by yourselves. They are dance, this is where Mr G has created a 60Sec dance rountine and wants you to copy and then create your own 60Sec dance to follow. This should allow MrG to see how creative we can be. I have chosen Dance Monkey by Tones & I. I can only apologise for the lack of groove MrG has.

60Second Challenge 2. This is a reaction challenge, which some of our P6/7 boys and girls have been working on, this is the iPhone Lock Screen Challenge. Set up an area like a lock screen on an iPhone and then have someone call out 4 number codes. I have given you an example, see how many you can do. Each time change the codes and think of other methods you can play this challenge.

60Second Challenge 3. This is my hardest challenge so far and you do require to have an adult if you attempting the 2nd level. This requires you to get a top on with certain restrictions.

I look forward to seeing your posts and look out for us again on Friday with MrMcLean Rugby throwing ideas and our very own Summer Circuit.

Stay Safe and Active.

Mr G


Summer Term P.E.

Just a quick message to say welcome back and that I hope your all safe and well and you all had a beautiful Easter in these unusual circumstances. We would be moving into Athletics this term and focusing on the concept of R, J & T (Run, Jump and Throw) We would focus 2 weeks on each area and therefore I would like you to pick throwing as your starting point, over the next 2 weeks if possible. This leads in from last term very nicely and our hand eye coordination skills and lesson focus. We will also be looking at conditioning the body. Therefore circuits and training ideas will follow in due course. Our main points then for throwing is; angle of release, transfer of weight, directing arm, flight and grip. Please pick up and appropriate object and throw in a safe place without thinking on how to throw. Now lets analyse utilising the list provided above and work on each aspect individually and then put it all back together, lets see if you can improve. Tell me how and why, this was possible. I will post more information on throwing soon but please look at the javelin throw, tennis ball throw, target throw as a starting point. Good luck

Now for this week’s 60Sec challenges, please see below the 3 challenges which can be done inside but preferably outside and involve the whole family. It does require equipment but hopefully you have something around the house that you can use. Enjoy and get challenging!

P.E. Challenges

Hi Boys & Girls, family and friends. I just wanted to wish you all a safe and happy Easter Holiday. I hope that you can make the most of this occasion no matter what the circumstances and StayActiveHealthy&Safe. I look forward to seeing and hearing from you all after the 2week break. It has been a real pleasure hearing and seeing all of your wonderful efforts at staying active. Therefore, I have set you and your household 3 more 60Sec Challenges over the holidays and included this weeks again. Please remember the P.E. grids, these take you through the holiday period. I have also attached a few other Scavenger hunt ideas on the back of Mr Brownlie STEM idea posted today, so please give these all ago. I have also attached ideas for the adults as well. Mr Glass

P.E. Week 2 Update & 60sec Challenges

Morning boys and girls, I hope you are all safe and well. Week 2 P.E. lesson is on Hand Eye Coordination and ball skills, see the clip below. I would like you to try this during your own P.E. lesson if there is time or another part in the day.

Week 2 is also is where Mr Glass would like you to learn something new, from a new task or skill to something you have always wanted to do. I would also like you to remember that there is a lot going on and Mr Glass is only posting ideas and examples of what you could be doing in your spare time or when you want to be active.

I know boys, girls and their families will think of their own ideas and this is awesome, so please don’t overload or do to much. Also you have to learn that your studies come first and I have been so impressed to hear about all your good work with your teacher on seesaw, keep it up.


Therefore, Mr Glass has decided to challenge himself to firstly try and touch his toes without bending his legs, therefore he will have to work on his flexibility and stretching over the next 7 days.

Secondly, Mr Glass is also going to attempt how to learn to juggle, this is something Mr Glass has always attempted but sadly never mastered. In doing so Mr Glass is going to watch internet clips on how best to learn how to juggle. Therefore, I would like you to challenge yourself and post your before and after efforts on seesaw, so that Mr Glass can see all of your amazing efforts. I know myself I might not be able to achieve either or both tasks, but what I am hoping for is some improvement. Therefore, I will write a short diary of how my progression has went, with things I have found easy and challenging and I look forward to hearing and seeing your own attempts soon.

Our very own Heather Brownlee active schools coordinator for QPS is working with the rest of her team ActiveSchoolsEdinburgh to create an A-Z of active videos that you can try over the course of the next few weeks. You can access this from their own twitter page https://twitter.com/ActiveSchoolsED Please make sure and have a look and see if it gives you more ideas.

Other Idea this week that Mr Glass would like you to try from our P.E. grid are making shapes, kitchen games, dance (I cannot wait for this myself) Yoga and reading/drawing whilst being active. I have also incorporated a few ideas below to try and help you be creative.

Monday making shapes we can do lots of actives especially fitness related or gymnastics that can help with this. I have thought of playing noughts and crosses. This includes squares, circles and crosses, and you could be as creative as you think from the example below.

Kitchen games can be anything using something that you might find in the kitchen from recycling to actual games themselves. Mr Glass has made his very own throwing box challenge and golf putting challenge but you could think of anything else and be really creative yourselves.

Dance can be anything from aerobics to Fischy music just get up and be active. Mr Glass has decided to do the garden on Wednesday for 1 hour whilst listening to music and dancing whilst he weeds! So challenge yourself to something from dancing and dressing up as your favourite character to attempting the foot shale dance with someone in the family.

On Thursday we have yoga and Mr Glass has made his own unique Yoga YouTube video below. But there are many other ways you can do yoga and I have attached a Disney Frozen link which is 30minutes long https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlg052EKMtk&t=407s and I have also a attached a grid that talks about health mind and body.


On Friday we have reading or drawing whilst being active, this could be that you’re in a wall sit or plank whilst reading or listening to an audio book, You could be acting out your favourite book whilst moving around the house, for Mr Glass it would be ‘Going on a Bear hunt’ as I would be able to use my imagination. You could also be drawing or attempting a word square and I have attached the below to try and give you some inspiration, but use your imagination and create your own.

This brings us to the weekend, as I said before above and below are just some ideas to keep Active and keep Healthy whilst studying at home. Mr Glass has also created another three 60 sec Challenges that you could attempt over the course of the week. But please someone challenge Mr Glass with their very own 60 sec Challenge!


Furthermore, as inspired by our sports ambassador Tegan if you want to try and write your name then do your attached fitness element per letter, here is something you and the family can try as well as useful links to famous people online that you can access and their time slots. Stay HEALTHY ACTIVE & SAFE. Mr Glass.

P.E. @ Home

While you’re at home its important to keep yourself active, that in turn will burn off calories and keep a healthy mind (endorphins). There are so many benefits to keeping your body fit :

– Boosting your self esteem and brain power

– Reducing level of stress and allowing your brain to switch off at bedtimes

– Increased energy and allowing your body to burn off calories

Each day, challenge yourself and tweet Mr Glass or post your activities in Seesaw. I would like to challenge you and your family to a minimum of 10 minutes movement per hour. Be creative, use the grids provided as well as your knowledge and experiences from P.E. and other areas to assist with your ‘Movement Challenge’. Hula-hoop, run up and down the hallway, dance, do the dishes, draw, you decide….

– Improved level of fitness and skill set

Lets get active with Joe Wicks every morning he is live at 9am, Make sure you have a suitable space and water bottle. Log on at 8:50am https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=joe+wicks+pe+lesson .Wait on the session starting at 9:00am. During this time you can stretch and take your pulse prior to the start.

Can you do this every day for the whole 3 weeks that we are in the HOUSE! How many days in a row can you exercise with Joe?


I have sent out and posted home learning grids, but here are other ideas that you can also be doing from Early (Nursery) – Second (Primary 7) Level.

How many challenges can you complete in a week? Remember Mr Glass’s P.E. Grid as well. I would also like to create the QPS Pupils P.E. Grid so please share your ideas so I can create in 3 weeks.

Here is now a few other game ideas that you can be doing with the family. This was inspired by Heather in P7 through her Game of Life fitness board game idea. I would also like you to think of other games, from creating your own mini crazy putting course around the house, to dance and toilet roll challenges. Lets get involved and stay active.

We can always play fitness bingo as well.  Complete each bingo exercise for _________________ seconds, you decide. Cross out the exercise on your sheet after the timer stops. Call BINGO for a horizontal, vertical line or 4 corners. I have attached a few ideas to keep you going.

Outdoor Learning & Stretching

This is now restricted to the garden and therefore I would like you to be creative. Can you actually achieve 10000 steps a day?  For your information a man in France managed to run a marathon on his balcony whilst in lockdown, so anything is possible! Think about non sport based exercises like taking out the rubbish, sorting out the recycling, mowing the grass…

– Couch to 5k

– Listen and walk or dance to your own playlist or podcast

– Skipping, swing ball, trampoline, spin bike…

Mental Wellbeing & Daily Mindfulness

10 minutes per day, to clear your mind, relax your body and focus on your breath, helping you be present and in the moment. Think about a 2 minute story where you get comfortable on the floor and close your eyes. Slowly breathe deeply in and out looking to inhale and exhale for 5 seconds each, very calmly and quietly. Select someone in your family to talk softly about a family holiday which resulted in you having lots of fun and being very tired, an example of playing in the pool and then lying on a sun lounger with the sun beating down. Then get your family member to talk about a favourite meal being prepared and cooked and all the lovely smells and feeling really full. Now get your family member to talk about reading a favourite book or listening to a favourite track and then falling off to sleep and allowing your own imagination to dream and slowly fall asleep. Let there be no talking for the last 30seconds and then your family member, slowly asks you to sit up with eyes close, then slowly open your eyes. This would be a good time to stretch and share your dream if it relevant.

Mindfullness E-Book are easy to get, watching Joe wicks will also help. Think about headspace mediation- Training the monkey mind. Brilliant things happen in calm minds (1min) and using relaxing music when falling asleep or in your 10 minutes of mindfulness each day.

Sleep – Rest is also important to our physical health… GET A FULL NIGHT’S REST WHENEVER POSSIBLE. While the amount of sleep each person needs varies, most people need 7-9 hours to feel fully rested and this should be in one large chunk, rather than smaller naps (segments). While this may not be possible every night, try to slep a full night whenever you get the chance.

TOP TIPS – stick to a schedule. Keeping sleep times similar from day to day can greatly improve your chances of getting a good night’s sleep. UNDERSTAND THAT LACK OF SLEEP CAN HAVE A MASSIVE IMPACT ON YOUR DAILY LIFE! Avoid all-nighters or late nights. While you may feel like you want to watch your favourite shows or play against your friends online not getting enough sleep can impair your ability to concentrate the next day, so make sure you get the right amount of sleep wherever possible.

Create a Bedtime Routine – If you have trouble falling asleep at night, work with your family to try and create a routine that works for you. REMEMBER EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT AND UNIQUE! Creating a routine will let your mind and body know that bedtime is approaching and that it should get into sleep mode. After a few weeks of practice this should start to work and you will hopefully see an improvement.

Fuel before bed is not a great idea! Avoid caffeine and eating and drinking just before bed. It will unsettle your body. Certain food sources can also impact upon your nights sleep, whilst others can impact upon your health and physical appearance. 2 hours before bed is a good rule of thumb if possible, although taking a glass of water to bed to stay hydrated is also advantageous.

Make sure to keep hydrated as you go through out the day and top up with your fuel source. An idea would be that everyone has their own water bottle and snack box in house to start to self regulate your intake of food source whilst replenishing using your own bottle.

Nutrition – Eat breakfast as this is the most important meal of the day and eat at an appropriate time. Start your day off with a good meal when you get up. Think about taking turns to make breakfast each day to ease the pressures on others. Whether you’re rolling out bed or up and ready to go , start your day with a balanced, healthy meal

Learn proper portion size, I will post a video with regards the healthy plate and what type of food sources we could be trying more. To avoid eating too much of even the healthiest foods, keep a track of how much your eating. Numeracy and literacy challenge, create a food diary and work out portion/percentage of food intake your having over 3 days. For most people, meat servings should be about the size of a deck of cards and other servings mary vary with type of food.

Keep healthy snacks around. Its easy to eat healthily if you stock up (if it’s possible!) with fruits and other healthy snacks. You’ll be more likely to reach for these as keep junk food out of reach. This will set you up well for each day. HYDRATION – this is so important and water or diluting juice would be a great choice, this can boost your focus and concentration. It can also improve your healthy and reduce sore heads, sign of dehydration. A good test is your pee colour DON’T TOUCH IT just look. The yellower that it is then more dehydrated you are, therefore clear is excellent.

DAILY GOAL SETTING – What will you do today? Tray and have a daily plan with yourself and the family.

Academic goals – keeping in touch with your teacher through SeeSaw and achieving their tasks and stretching yourself with others if possible.

Social goals – Check in with your friends online or over the garden fence as long as your being safe and responsible. Make sure and talk to your family and classmates. Ask them how their day is and take it from there…

Movement goals – Complete one of the workouts in the grids or create your very own or research a homework or activity – please share.

Physical Activity – use resources that I’ve shared or that you have researched yourself. We still want to keep learning on our skills and techniques. Therefore look at the picture above a choose a significant aspect of learning you have developed/worked on and describe;

Look at additional challenges such as Bear Grills – The Greatest outdoors, Uno Fitness can be found on YouTube, #Toiletroll challenge, Jenga Fitness, Dance Alone or Together.

How you used the SAoL? What were your strengths? What challenges did you face? How could you improve the quality? Ask a family member to help you with this if needed.

My Challenge was to create some P.E. Video clips for you and please see Part 1 below. My challenge to you is to create our very own QPS craze like #Toiletroll challenge. Lets see what we can come up with.