Health Week Assembly Challenges

Thank you for watching our Health Week assembly, I hope you all enjoyed and took something from it. I will leave you and your families to now try out these fantastic 60second challenges. Set by current and former Olympians and Internationalist, as well as rising sporting stars and some faces you might just recognise.

I wonder how many challenges you can complete and I cant wait to hear if you score higher than any of our special guests. Have a fantastic day and wonderful weekend.

Many thanks for watching

Mr G

Health Week & Sports Day Assembly – Part 2

I hope that you enjoyed the first part of the assembly and I look forward to sharing part 2 with you all. Part 2 highlights include; thanking those involved , photo reel from sports day participants, sadly we could not get them all in, but please watch to the very end, finally the results!!! It does not matter what position your house finishes. You are all winners in my book, looking at your wonderful posts, individual efforts and results. Well done everyone.

Next up at 10am is the 60 second challenges set by some famous sporting stars. Good luck and I look forward to hearing what challenges inspired you and I wonder if anyone can beat a professional or Olympians score. Have a fantastic day, a lovely weekend and well deserved rest after all your efforts this week.

Many Thanks

Mr G

Health Week & Sports Day Assembly – Part 1

Morning boys and girls and the rest of your families, I hope this finds you well. I really hope you ALL have had a wonderful time and experiences during our Interactive Health Week and Sports Day. I have been overwhelmed and overjoyed looking at your posts pictures and videos. Although we have not had the best of the weather, in true Queensferry form we have made the most of it. Thank you.

I hope you enjoy what we have lined up for you today and a wonderful finish to Health Week. I wish you all a fabulous weekend.

Mr G

Health Week & 5K Challenge

On top of everything we have planned this week we also want to encourage you boys and girls to get out and about and go for walks, a cycle or a scoot. Therefore, I would like to challenge you to the 5k challenge this week if you feel inspired to do so. During a break in the day I enjoy going out for a walk with my family to re-energise the body, re-focus the mind and breath in the fresh air. I have worked out some loop’s around Q.P.S with distances to help you along your way. If you get involved, please post your experiences and times in your class seesaw folder.

In relation to being active, we also have to look after ourselves and stay healthy in the mind and the body. Therefore please see the following links that can give some fantastic insight and support. With regards of healthly eating please have a look at . With regards of looking after our minds and having a positive mindset please have a look at

StaySafe & StayActive

Mr G

STEM – Sugar

Bitmoji Image

Hello and welcome back to Health week with our weekly STEM videos.

This week we are focusing on Sugar and staying healthy.

There is nothing too complicated so as always you can choose whichever activity you want to, however they are labelled with different levels.

Primary 7 can again choose the second level activity or the High School activity linked here:

I have updated my online classroom with the new links for this weeks videos and also a link to the space X story from last week which will tell you the answer to last weeks Science Story.

Good Luck

Mr B

Health week & Sports Day (Junior) – Summer Term, Week 8

Morning boys and girls and it is that time of the year already. It is our very own Health Week and Sports Day. You can have Sports Day any day you wish as long as you upload you scores onto the form provided. So how will it all work? The information below, should allow you to know what is happening throughout the week, what events are involved in sports day and a detailed description on how you can do these and how to send in your results. A massive thank you to ALL the staff working behind the scenes to make this possible. However, our Interactive Health Week and Sports Day can only be successful if YOU and Your Household get involved.

Plan for the week is as follows: –

In Junior Sports Day, which is for pupils in Nursery – P3. There are 8 events and a group of our very own house captains and sports ambassadors, have put a YouTube clip together. This details what the event is, what is involved at the event through a detailed description and demonstration. How to score and the rules of the event. Now some of these events require equipment and you may not have what the pupils use to demonstrate. That is ok as all the events have been planned to be adaptable through space and equipment by you the athlete.

Therefore, you are all good to go, but the most important part for some is uploading your scores. You can only upload you score once and has to be on Thursday. However, as I mentioned previously you can have your sports day on Tuesday and upload scores on Thursday. Also if you, your mum and dad and anyone else that stays in the house take part you also score their points as your score. Therefore, the more people involved, the more points you get. Here is the link to form to upload your results.

We want this to be a family event and we hope that you have a lovely week. I will be sharing the results with you at sports day assembly on Friday. If you would like to share any of your photos from sports day please upload them to your class seesaw page and tag sports day.

Thank you

StaySafe & StayActive

Mr Glass

Health Week & Sports Day Promotion

Morning boys and girls and I hope your all safe and well. Next week is our very own health and sports week as planned, although this year it will be slightly different and INTERACTIVE. On Monday, your teachers will post information on seesaw and this will also be accessible on our school webpage. This will be broken down into JUNIOR sports day (P1-P3) and SENIOR sports day (P4-P7).

The information will include a list of activities which have been created for you by your teacher and other teachers over the course of health week. There will be 8 activities and will be posted each morning and afternoon, Monday to Thursday. I have seen a sneak peak of these and they look awesome, so I really hope you enjoy what your teachers have put together.

On Monday, the sports day pack will be sent out. This includes a YouTube clip of all 8 stations we would like you and your family to do. Whatever score the house gets that’s the score for your event. Therefore, the more people you have involved the more points that are up for grabs. A group of House Captains and Sports Ambassadors have created these videos for you, these detail what equipment you need, a description and example of the event and how to score. All events are 60seconds and a massive THANK YOU to these pupils for helping out.

On Thursday you will upload your scores in to a google form that will be attached with all the information. That form will calculate all the results of every pupil in school. Myself, Mr Brownlie and Mr McLean will be keeping an eye on this throughout the day and scores can only be uploaded ONCE and on THURSDAY.

Friday will be our very own sports day assembly and more importantly the RESULTS of sports day 2020 will be announced. We will have some music, special guest and more 60 second challenges. However, I would like you and your families to send me your sports day pictures, so that I can use these and share with others in our sports day assembly.

Therefore, just for you, we have put a little promotional clip together to wet the appetite and get you pumped for Health Week & Sports Day 2020.


Look out for all the information coming your way on Monday. Have an amazing health week and a fantastic sports day at home. Look forward to seeing all your posts. If you wish to share your pictures, please use the email below. Good Luck

StaySafe StayActive

Mr G