£1 Challenge Day

After 2 weeks of preparation, Primary 6 held their £1 challenge day sale on Thursday 22nd November.  Pupils from throughout the school excitedly visited our classrooms to take advantage of the great deals on offer – guessing the number of sweets in a jar, snapping up Christmas decorations, freshly made popcorn, tray-bake of all kinds, bracelets, recycled plastic key-rings,  and wonderfully vinegary chips amongst many more fantastic products.  The buzz all day as the students prepared their stalls, served their customers and counted their takings was fantastic.

 The range of ideas that were displayed was wonderful and resulted in the children making a fantastic profit of almost £190 on the day!  A huge thanks then to all our pupils for their endeavours and to all the adults that helped – in the kitchen; hosting craft-making sessions or by providing loans.  (Keep an eye out for the loans being repaid this week.)

Last day on the slopes!

After all the trips last week, we had a quieter but still full week in P6.

After a very fast 6 weeks, we had our last lesson on the slopes and it was brilliant to see how far everyone had progressed as they practised stopping on demand and skiing from the green line, while the intermediate group skied from the very top with their instructor.  While everyone is sad that our skiing is now finished, we all agreed it has been a brilliant experience – well done to all!!

While the skiers were having their last lesson, the group that stays with Mrs Herbert had an interesting morning attending the Harvest Assembly and then making and decorating biscuits, which looked fantastic!

In P6LY this week, we held elections for two positions: Pupil Council and Eco Council.

  • Olive Teece and Ellis Batchelor were elected as the class representatives for the pupil council.
  • Aiden Armes and Skye Valentine were elected onto the Eco Council

Well done and good luck in your new roles! And well done to those that also put themselves forward for the roles – it was a closely fought election.

This week we have also enjoyed practising using interesting and ambitious vocabulary when writing stories in literacy, making posters about how to ‘Take a Moment’ with Mrs Sawers and in our Ancient Egyptians topic we have started to learn about the Pyramids.


Primary 6 on tour!

It’s been a very busy week for Primary 6 starting on Tuesday with a visit to Craigie’s Farm.  Both classes had great fun as we were given a ride around the farm in a tractor & trailer to see lots of different produce and soft fruit.  Then we got to see jam being made in the jam kitchen. Finally we were treated to a cookery demonstration using freshly picked ingredients!  Lots of inspiration to be had for when we start to plan our own garden.  We even saw blue and white pumpkins – although Mr Lynch didn’t believe us until he had seen the photographic evidence below!!


On Thursday we were off again as we took the train to Holyrood Park for an Outdoor Learning Challenge Day.  Splitting in to 4 groups, we got to experience a variety of different outdoor activities and some of our favourites included mountain bike skills, den building, problem-solving team games, learning how to calculate how fast we could run and bug-hunting with the RSPB.  The poe-tree session was also great fun and we loved the fantastic tree-inspired poems.

Finally, on Friday we had our 5th week of Skiing (it’s going so fast!) – the progress each week has been brilliant to see and there were lots of happy faces today as the majority of the beginners group got to ski down from the green line (and use the faster tow) for the first time.  The intermediate group also had a landmark day as they finally got to ski from the very top of the slope!!

All of these trips would not have been possible without the assistance of so many parent helpers, so we would like to take this chance to say thank you very much for your continued support!

Mr Lynch & Ms Love

Our first few weeks in P6LY….

It’s been a packed first few weeks of the new school year for everyone in P6 and we thought it might be a good idea to let you know a little of what we’ve been enjoying doing in P6LY – so, here goes….

  • The skiing has been a huge hit – everyone has been trying really hard and helping each other – no matter how many times they may have fallen over!!
  • Learning about invasion games in P.E. with Mr Glass – bench ball is already a firm favourite.
  • Making origami bookmarks in Art with Ms. Love (and if your homes are anything like our classroom, you will be finding ever-smaller bookmarks everywhere!)
  • Getting to code with Scratch in ICT – (and there will hopefully be lots more of that as the year progresses!)
  • We are also very pleased and proud to have 4 new woodwind players receiving tuition from Mr Hallam.

Finally, when the class were asked for one word to describe these first few weeks, the first four responses were Fantastic, Fun, Amazing and Okay!!

We’ve got lots more planned over the next few weeks, so come back to find out about our trips to Craigie Farm, the Outdoor Learning Challenge at Holyrood Park and much, much more…..

Heritage Trail 2018

A HUGE congratulations to all Primary 6 pupils for performing a fantastic walking tour of South Queensferry. All actors learned their lines off by heart, and performed with super confidence. Ms Love and Mrs Thomas are so proud of you all!IMG_3389IMG_3442

Thank you so much to all adult helpers (we literally couldn’t have done it without you!) and all family/friends who watched the tours – your smiles and laughs kept our entertainers going!

We are currently in the process of replacing some of our costume pieces and accessories,   and would be very grateful for any donations. We are particularly looking for old-fashioned dresses, pinafors, waistcoats, aprons and girls bonnets. Thanks in advance! 

P6 Term 4 Plan

A very busy and exciting term 4 for Primary 6. Lots of opportunities out of comfort zones!
Please note below dates of the Heritage Trail – a historic walking tour of Queensferry performed by Primary 6. More details of cast lists (each cast performs twice) will be announced two weeks before. 
Monday 28 May – 1:40pm-3:00pm
Tuesday 29 May – 11:10am-12:25pm
Wednesday 30 May – 11:10am-12:25pm
Thursday 31 May – 11:10am-12:25pm

P6 Scottish Opera

“I had the time of my life!” Amelie

A huge well done to all pupils in Primary 6 for their incredible performance of, ‘Dragon of the Western Sea,’ with Scottish Opera. Here are a few reviews from the children and some photos of the amazing show!


“I think it was one of the best things in P6 so far. I was sad for it to be over!” Calum


“I loved how the Scottish Opera made the show really funky with the dance moves.” Hannah

“I enjoyed it so much because everyone was nice and positive. I also felt professional. After I got my outfit on, I felt like someone out of a Bollywood movie, dancing and smiling.” Ruby

“I liked it because everyone had a smile and everyone was having fun.” Zaki


“I liked getting the outfit on and singing to the audience.” Anthony