Some P6C best bits…

Just a few examples of P6C’s work from SeeSaw so far!  Very creative and fun to see, well done everyone.

drawing copy 2Henry bridges a gap.

drawing copy 3Rory has been getting physical with Isaac Newton.

drawing copy 4Annabelle is the Princess of Whales.

drawing copyJamie’s reading den is an isolation step further!


Isla C challenges you to identify her close-up objects (Mr.C guessed two, failed two!)

Isla F share a positive message.

Georgina is doing enough exercise for the rest of us…

A Mabubble.

1960s Music Appreciation

Today Primary 5 were treated to some musical apprecition from the 1960s by Mr Herbert. The children were impressed with the muscial knowledge and talent and so was Mr Herbert.

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Primary 5 Dance Week 1

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