Primary Four

Dear Families,

Welcome to Primary 4! We are so pleased with how quickly the children have all settled into Primary 4 and are adjusting to the new responsibilities and routines that come with a move up the school.


This year our gym days are:

P4BW – Monday and Wednesday

P4WS – Tuesday and Wednesday

The children should keep an indoor gym kit in school all week and long hair should be tied back on gym days.


We are continuing to ask children to change into indoor shoes while we are working in school. This is especially important as we move into the wetter seasons of the year.


We are introducing a new home learning grid for this term. This grid has some tasks which are compulsory and some which are then optional for you. Your child will bring home a jotter with this grid. Use the jotter only when you think it is appropriate for the task. We are not expecting every task to be recorded in here.

We would like the jotters to be returned to school by the 3rd Deceber with all compulsory tasks completed by then. If your child would like to bring the jotter back in before then to show us something, we will be delighted to share it. Additionally, if you would like to send us photos of your activities then you can do so at:

We would also welcome feedback on the homework grid once you have had the chance to work from it. Is it better than the old system? Does your child enjoy it more? Is it more or less work for you?

Our hopes for the home learning grid is to reduce pressure on families and to create more flexible and active learning opportunities.

Many thanks for your continued support,

Miss Watson, Mrs Black, Mrs Sprason and Mrs Wainwright