Primary One


We have lots of fun playing and learning together.

Firstly, could we just remind you to make sure that names are on EVERYTHING belonging to the children. This makes life so much easier for everyone, particularly when children are changing into indoor shoes every morning . We would be grateful if you would continue to practise with any tricky zips or laces that continue to be a challenge for them! As we do not have a large stock of spare clothes/underwear in school, it would be really helpful if your child could have their own in their bag.

Morning snack is usually eaten inside the classroom after morning break (10.30am). As lunchtime is 12.10, a small snack should satisfy the children until then.

PE – Mr Glass will be teaching all P1 classes PE on a Thursday morning. These classes will be outdoors as much as possible, so please ensure that your child wears appropriate clothing on that day (eg trainers, leggings/joggers, school jumper/sweatshirt). For safety reasons, hair should be tied back. If required, the children will also be asked to wear their outdoor coat.

We really do appreciate all that you do to help support your child in school. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to catch us at the end of the day or contact us via email. Our addresses can be found on the staff page.

Many thanks.

Mrs McConachie, Miss McLean, Miss Maxton, Miss Watson and Mrs McIntyre