Primary Six


Welcome to Primary Six – you’ve made it ‘up the stairs!’

P6 is a year full of learning, challenge and hopefully, lots of fun! We provide lots of opportunities for pupils to develop confidence and independence, all in preparation for their final year of Primary School.


Firstly, could we just remind you to make sure that names are on EVERYTHING belonging to the children. Also, please make sure your child has an outdoor coat each day (we all know how unpredictable the Scottish weather can be!) and a change of shoes to wear indoors (gym rubbers or something similar).

Water Bottles

Children should bring a freshly filled water bottle in each morning. It does get rather toasty in the upper stages (even in the winter!) so it’s extra important that the children stay hydrated.

Physical Education

P6TC – Tuesdays all afternoon with Mrs Thomas. P6R – Tuesday morning and Wednesday morning with Mr Rae. Both classes get the required 120 minutes per week of physical education. Classes may be outdoors so please ensure that your child comes to school dressed in appropriate kit on their PE day(s) (e.g. trainers, leggings/joggers, t-shirt, school jumper/sweatshirt). For safety reasons, hair should be tied back. If required, the children will also be asked to wear their outdoor coat.

Home Learning

Each term, your child will come home with a target sheet which will include ideas for home learning. We ask that you discuss these with your child, as well as supporting them in deciding three personal targets.

Throughout the year, depending on the class focus, there may be additional reading or project-related tasks. We do ask that regular times tables practice and reading for pleasure are a continuous focus at home – the benefits to their school work are noticeable!

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via email with any queries. A big thank you for your continued support.



Mrs Thomas, Mr Carson and Mr Rae.