Queensferry Post Online – Freya's Monthly Maths!

Early stages

Jerry has 14 apples Sarah buys 6 how many does Jerry have left?

Jen has 5 sweets and eats 2 then gives her friends 2 how many does she have left?

Fergen has 10 p and buys 2 sweets one is 3 p one is 5p how much change does he get?

 Middle / Upper stages

Ben has 150 cans of pop at his shop 68 were bought how many cans are left for tomorrow?

Harper has 2 pairs of football boots and she gets 2 more pairs for her birthday and she wears 1 pair of her new boots to her next football match. How many pairs have never been worn?

Heath has 4 chocolate bars and gives 1 to his friend for Christmas and eats 2 and a half. How many does he have left?

Queensferry Post – A Burns shout out

A shout out!

Hi everyone, we’d like to give a quick shout out to the Burn’s finalists and semi-finalists. Well done to all of you. It can be very hard to pronounce some Scots words, so you should be very proud of yourselves. Plus, a very well done to the rest of the school who said a poem or performed for Burns day. Soon there will be an interview here with Georgina Bark the p6-7 winner so remember to come back and have a look. Thank You Again.     

By Abigail Closier edited by Roisin Horseman

Queensferry Post -Newspaper Club

Hello, I’m Robyn Corbett and I would like to tell you about newspaper club. Newspaper club is on Wednesdays at lunch time in Mr Lynch’s classroom. Pupils from P6 and P7 write stories about what’s going on in Queensferry primary school and then post them on our website – just like the one you are reading right now! If you would like to share your ideas all you have to do is, ask Mr Lynch or someone in your class that already goes and then you can tell us your idea it’s as easy as that so just come along and tell us if you have anything to share.

A Little Bird Told Me by P2H and P2/3H

Robin found a big flock birds and she flew with them to Bethlehem. She found a special baby called Jesus. Mary and Joseph were in a stable. A star guided people to the stable. Angels told people about the baby and guided them to the stable. Three wise men, camels, shepherds and sheep all followed the star to visit the baby. It took them all a long time to get there. Some of them had to travel 2,000 miles. It was very tiring and sometimes they had to rest. The birds could travel quickly because they didn’t have to follow roads.

Queensferry Post – Queensferry Primary Newspaper

Christmas special

Hello, I’m Freya from newspaper club, and I just want to give you a merry Christmas from the whole of newspaper club. We have had a lot of new members this year, Abigail, Daisy, Freya L, Georgina, Roisin, Mabel, Robyn, Olivia, Sammie, Freya M. And of course, the P7’s that kept on going: Jayde and Sioned. Our Christmas holidays are only 9 days away while I’m writing this. Merry Christmas and happy new year.

Queensferry Post- choir light switch on

                   Choir light switch on

The school choir had an amazingly fun time singing their songs on the stage. The songs included Sleigh ride, O little town of Bethlehem and Little Saint Nick.  Our school sang so well, and we think they did an amazing job. Everyone else enjoyed it to. Not even to mention how beautiful the light switch on was. The choir practised hard and it was amazing to see how good they were at the songs.

Queensferry Post – Remembrance Assembly

                The Remembrance Assembly 

                       Before the Assembly

The primary 7 pupils have been preparing for our school’s remembrance assembly about World War One. At the assembly we will be showing our research and personal story along with some poems and reading the names of ex-pupils that fought in the First World War.

                    Now After the Assembly

Our Remembrance assembly was good, and we learnt a lot of things from each other’s research.