Nursery Diary 24th February – 3rd March

This week our Book Fair will take place. There will be sessions at the beginning and end of the day on Tuesday and Wednesday and on Thursday morning.

Thursday is World Book Day. We will have an enhanced focus on books and storytelling on this day and throughout the week.

Our ‘Risky Play’ parent group takes place this Thursday and next at 9am – the group will be visiting the Vat Run with Mrs Mills and Mrs Crombie. If you have not signed up but would like to come, please let us know.

In maths and numeracy this week, we will be working on number and dot pattern recognition. We will sing number songs, do lots of counting and play with numbers across the different areas of the nursery.

Tuesday is Shrove Tuesday! We will be making pancakes, playing with pancakes and talking about lent.

Our Health and Wellbeing focus will be on making choices about our learning and sharing our thoughts and ideas as we work across the nursery areas. Staff will be encouraging the children to think about the choices they make.

P6 Personal Project 2017

Primary 6 have worked so hard on their Egypt project chapters, it is now time for them to apply all they have learned in class to their very own Personal Project at home!


Above is the information booklet that includes project layout, hand in dates, and helpful tips.

Mrs Thomas and Mrs Leithead are both happy to answer any questions or look over anything related to the project at lunchtimes.