Primary 2 Enjoy-a-ball

On Tuesday 31st January P2H and P2L will be having a visit from Paul Pizza of Enjoy-a-ball!  During their PE lesson the children will receive a taster session showing them what the after school club has to offer.  After practising some ball skills with the children, in a fun and exciting way, Paul will provide each with a leaflet telling them how they can join one of the Enjoy-a-ball clubs in South Queensferry should they wish to. You can look out for the leaflets in bookbags next week!

Mrs Law and Miss Hendry

P1 – Winter Bird Feeders

We wanted to help the birds during winter because they find it harder to find food. So we have been following a recipe to make fat balls. We used our maths to make sure we followed the recipe in the right order and we used the right amount of the ingredients. We got to the 4th step. Our fat balls are now setting in the fridge. Our last step is to think carefully about where to hang them up in the playground.

We reused our milk cartons too!

P1 Literacy Resources

*A guide to help you with your cursive letter formation.

cursive formations

*Free ebooks and activities – You need to join by setting up a username and password, it’s well worth it as there are loads of great resources that you can use on an ipad too.

*Phonics – explore where the sounds are in different words

*Jolly Phonics actions

*Jolly Phonics – Songs which your child will learn in class to help them remember their sounds. The children enjoy hearing them and singing along!

*Questions to support reading. (A pdf of the card you were given during the P1 Curriculum evening)

Reading Questions

P1 Numeracy Resources

*Counting, Matching and Ordering numbers to 10

*Counting and Writing Numbers

*Counting 2 groups of apples, fish or sweeties (addition)

*Pattern Matching

*A favourite song

Nursery Diary – Scottish Week

Friday 20th-Thursday 26th January 2017

This week we will be celebrating and learning about Scotland and Scottish culture and traditions as we celebrate Robert Burns’ birthday.
In literacy we will be reading Scots poems and stories and discussing any Scots words we may know or have heard.
We will have the opportunity to dance along to some traditional Scottish music and learn about keeping the beat.

In numeracy we will be continuing to explore numbers to 10 in our small group times and through play.

In Health and Wellbeing we will be tasting and preparing different types of traditional Scottish foods including tattie scones, oatcakes and haggis, neeps and tatties! We will have a mini Burns Supper on Wednesday where we will dress in tartan, address our haggis and give it a try!

*The children may wish to wear something tartan (if they have it)on Wednesday.