Reading in P2

Primary Two have been working hard with their reading this year and we would like to thank you for your support at home with this – it really makes a difference!

There are lots of great apps available if you are looking for anything to support further reading practice at home. Here are a few links to lists of apps (free and paid-for) which are suitable for phonics and reading revision.

Phonics Apps

App Wheel– This document contains a few more apps under the ‘Early Reading’ section of the wheel.

Happy Reading!

Primary 3 Scots Poems!

The children have heard and discussed 3 wonderful  poems in Scots – Nessie by J.K. Annand, Doctor by J.K. Annand and The Sair Finger by Walter Wingate. They have chosen one of these poems to learn for homework in the week ahead.  We hope to have some lovely recitals in class next Monday … please find the links below!

We have also been learning the song ‘Thae Banes, Thae Banes’ which we are looking forward to performing during our Burns assembly … happy learning!


Scots poetry links:




Primary 2 are able to add!

Today  Primary 2 were using different ‘adding strategies’ to help solve number problems.  We have been using our stories of ten, as well as doubles and near-doubles, to help us to add two numbers together.  We really enjoy singing songs to help us learn our number bonds.  Here are the links to a few of the songs we have been singing (and rapping to) in class.

What makes ten?

Doubles 1-5   Doubles 6-10

Ask us about the games we’ve been playing that help to reinforce our skills in addition.

Burns Poems

Our Burns Day preparations started early in Primary 5. All of the children have chosen a poem to learn and recite. We have been spending some time in class learning these poem and this has also been our main homework focus in the first few weeks back. Children will be asked to recite these in class this week and we look forward to hearing them.

Nursery New Year

Friday 13th – Friday 20th January 2017
Welcome back and Happy New Year! We would like to thank all of our families for their thoughtful Christmas gifts for our staff and helpers. We hope that you all had a lovely festive season and holiday.

During our first week back, we spent time talking with the children and observing their play in order to inform our plan for the coming week.
In Literacy both classes will be investigating mark-making. For some children, this will be exploring writing letters and words. For others, it will simply be using a range of materials to make marks on paper and other surfaces. We will encourage each child to work on these skills at their own level.

In Numeracy, both classes will spend the week revisiting our focus on numbers – counting, recognising, discussing and ordering. We encourage the children to start counting from zero to help them to understand the concept.

In Health and Wellbeing, the North class will be exploring the tasks required to look after a baby, in response to an interest shown by some of the children.
The South class will be welcoming 10 new children, and the North will be welcoming 6 in the coming week, and so will be thinking about making new friends and helping others to feel welcome.

In the wider curriculum, the children have shown a lot of interest in imaginative play, so in both classes we will be helping them to extend their knowledge and understanding of how they can use their voice and movement in drama activities.

Happy New Year!

We are back and raring to go!

Our main focus as we start the term is learning our Burns poems for Scots Week. The children have chosen from a selection of three:- Up In The Morning Early, Green Grow The Rashes O’ and Ye Banks and Braes. The children will be performing these in front of the class on Wednesday 17th – Friday 20th January and we will choose three winners to go through to the semi final on Tuesday the 24th. One winner from our class will then be chosen to go through to the grand final on Friday 27th of January.

We had great fun playing bingo this morning to help us learn our tables. Here is the link> Click …

We will be starting to learn the 9 times table next week. Please keep practising the 3 and 4 times table at home!

Thank you,

Miss Watson

Water Aid

Primary 4s really excited as through their creativity they managed to sell to the twos and threes enough wonderful products to send £100 to help children with no clean water.  Many thanks for both monetary donations and your continued support.

Looking forward to hearing all the super Scottish poems. Our class is having a competition on Friday 20th, to decide who goes forward to the semi-finals on.  Keep up the good practising.

Maths homework for the next few weeks is continuing to learn 3, 4 and now 9 x tables.

Keep learning and having fun with it.

Happy New Year,

Mrs M.

We’re back!

Happy New Year to you all!

Everyone seems to be happy to be back this week. I’m happy the snow is staying away so far.

We’ve started the term by looking at some Julia Donaldson books in Scots. We listened to The Gruffalo in Scots on YouTube:Find it here

In Maths we’re adding within 100 and then 1000 and found this nice activity on the Top Marks website which has lots of options: Click here to have a look

Scottish poems will be sent home for homework on Monday 16th January so keep an eye out in bags.

Mrs Wainwright