Life in P6T

Grace and Jessica worked really hard on recording their notes for this blog post, and couldn’t wait to type the final draft. Well done girls!

26.09.16 – On Monday Mrs MacGregor came in and we did our spelling test and challenged ourselves to answer PIN number questions. We did a 2 minute to win it challenge about the Industrial Revolution. We met our new teacher called Mr Shields. We also started one of the sections in our JAZZ folder.

27.09.16 – On Tuesday we did our report writing about transport during the Industrial Revolution. Then we did CLIC in Ms Leithead’s and Mrs Thomas’s classroom.

28.09.16 – On Wednesday we read more of The Desperate Journey. In French, we learnt how to say the weather and wrote phrases in French. We had P.E with Miss Brown and did rugby. It was really fun.

On Friday we went to our last ever skiing lesson, it was really really fun!

3.10.16 – On Monday we went to the money museum. We all went on a train which was jam-packed! When we arrived at Waverley station, it was a 10 minute walk to the museum. When we got to the museum we went into groups and then went to an activity spot and learnt about money in the past. Then we all met up and had our snack. We really enjoyed making our own coins! At the last station we looked at the security features on £20 notes and created our own notes. After lunch we did an activity sheet using the information around the museum. Then we got a train back to the school.

4.10.16 – On Wednesday we learned about credit cards and debit cards as part of our money topic. Then we finished our talk on famous Scottish inventors but we are only allowed to use pictures on a PowerPoint and 20 words max on the cue cards.

5.10.16 – On Thursday we answered more money problems in maths. We also read more of The Desperate Journey and we got asked juicy big questions about the story. In the afternoon we had P.E with Miss Brown. It was really fun because some people got to referee.

6.10.16 – It is house morning today! We had an eco assembly and out of junk we are making our own eco mascots!

Counting in Autumn


When we got back to class we thought about other things we could count outside. Twigs, shells, sea glass, flowers, petals, branches and pegs were a few of our ideas. Maybe you could think of a few others while your out and about this weekend.

Nursery Diary

Friday 23rd – Friday 30th September

In Literacy, both classes will be continuing to look at non-fiction texts and media clips, using them to learn about Harvest. They will be encouraged to share what they have learned with others.

In SEAL (Stages of Early Arithmetical Learning) we will be focusing on representing numbers up to 5 with our fingers.
The North class will be beginning to look at shape in maths, naming 2D and 3D shapes and using them in play opportunities.
In the South class, we will be exploring measurement using scales, rules and metre sticks. We will link this to preparation of snack and harvest.

Our Health and Wellbeing focus across the nursery will be on learning where food comes from as we talk and learn about Harvest Time. On Friday, we will join the whole school Harvest Assembly and sing our Harvest song ‘Big Red Combine Harvester’.

Our Social Studies focus is using different types of evidence (media, books, discussion, small wordl play) to find out about the world around us.

* We are accepting donations for the North West Edinburgh Food Bank. Please leave these in the box at the front entrance. Thank you!
*Our MacMillan Coffee morning is on FRIDAY MORNING!

Life in P6T

Amela and Cara had a good giggle while discussing the highlights of the past few weeks. Read more to find out what made them laugh the most!

On Wednesday, we were playing rugby for gym. There were three games on at the same time on the field. We played in teams of five or three. It was fun, hard, breath-taking and our trainers got very grassy.

We used the laptops to research inventors. We did a lot and found some new things about their family, childhood, birthday and the day they died. We are going to use this to make a talk to the class.

On Tuesday Mr Clarkson came to talk about transport to school and we used maps to look at things that stops us from walking or cycling to school.

We did a science experiment using four pennies. We put one in vinegar, lemon juice, water and kept one dry. It turned out really cool, some of them were really shiny. There had been some chemical reactions.

On Friday, Amela had the greatest fall ever at skiing. Another girl tripped, did a front flip and fell on Amela! She was brave and is fine now.


Nursery Diary

Friday 16th – Thursday 22nd September

In Literacy, both classes will be looking at non-fiction texts and media clips, using them to learn about Harvest. They will be encouraged to share what they have learned with others.

In SEAL (Stages of Early Arithmetical Learning) we will be focusing on counting backwards, starting at different points.
The North class will be continuing to focus on pattern by encouraging the children to complete patterns or make their own, beginning to look at the shapes within patterns.
In the South class, the children have enjoyed exploring 2D and 3D shapes and will continue with this in the coming week.

We are delighted to see our new children now nicely settled in to nursery life. To support with rules and routines, we will be encouraging our older children to act as role models, demonstrating routines for snack, handwashing, changing to go outside etc.

*Remember: Monday is a school holiday
*You are invited to stay and play on THURSDAY for any hour of the day.

Nursery Diary

Friday 9th September – Thursday 15th September

Following on from our focus on role play and familiar stories, we will now be encouraging the children to create their own stories through discussion, drama, role play and writing experiences.

In SEAL (Stages of Early Arithmetical Learning) we will be continuing to explore counting forwards and backwards and recognising some numbers.
The North class will be extending their focus on pattern by encouraging the children to complete patterns or make their own.
In the South class, there has been a lot of sorting and matching of shapes, and we will now investigate the names of some 2D and 3D shapes through play.

As our new families continue to settle in, our Health and Wellbeing/RME focus will be on building positive relationships, knowing what is fair/unfair and enjoying being part of the nursery community.

*Can you help to remove our sandpit before the playground is resurfaced? Can you lend us a wheelbarrow? Please let us know!