P6C Update 28th Jan

It’s all go in Room 12 just now!

We are planning, writing and rehearsing our assembly for next Friday, 5th February.  Its theme will be Traditions, inspired by our work this week on Robert Burns and Scots language and by the visit from singer Iona Fyfe (https://ionafyfemusic.wordpress.com/) last week.

School, religion, sport, special days, Scotland and the evolution of traditions will get the P6C treatment in a variety of talks, movie clips and a trip into the Dragon’s Den!golden-pharaoh-9171023

We are also working hard to develop note-taking and report writing skills.  Every week we get together with a pile of books about Ancient Egypt and practise using the index or contents page to find specific information before writing brief notes from at least 3 sources.  We are even keeping track of our references! That way, when we then write up what we found we KNOW it’s our own work, a brand new piece of writing.  These skills will be needed after the February break when the children will be asked to research and present information about a European country in the ever popular personal research project… more on that to follow.

The children have now been matched with their P1 Paired Readers, and once each week will meet for a short time to read together, or perhaps do some writing or topic work together.  The P6 child gets to experience a new kind of responsibility, caring for and supporting a younger child from out with their family.  The P1 gets an older role model and big “buddy” to look up to in and around the school.

In maths it’s time to investigate the links between fractions, percentages and decimals and the children have been ORDERED to finally learn their tables to allow them to quickly perform these calculations! They have been given beautiful new laminated multiplication squares to take home and eat; anything so long as their knowledge of times tables goes in!

‘Progress Through Play’

We are about to enter our final week of our ‘Progress Through Play’ transition activity. If you have built your model, please remember to tick the chart on the wall in the corridor. Thank you to all of those who have done this already and uploaded their pictures to Learning Journals. It has been  lovely to see them all!

We are aiming for at least 85% of families to engage with this so there is still time if you haven’t got round to it yet! The task was to build a model together using anything you like – dough, plastecine, Lego, junk etc. This will help your child to learn to share and take turns, concentrate on a task and solve problems.

Nursery Diary

Friday 22nd– Thursday 28th January

Please excuse our appearance over the coming weeks. Both main nursery rooms are being painted in the February holidays and we are beginning to take everything off the walls in preparation. We have lots of exciting plans for our new look!

In Literacy we will be focusing on writing our own stories as a number of children have been interested in this recently. We will also be encouraging the children to attempt to write their own names/make their name with magnetic letters (where appropriate).

In Maths we will be exploring fractions and dividing. We will do this by sharing out collections and cutting or splitting things into halves and quarters.

In Health and Wellbeing we will be continuing to discuss emotions and we will be using drama and role play to investigate the feelings of others.

On Monday we will have a Burns Supper in the hall to celebrate Robert Burns’ birthday. We will look at Scottish songs, stories and Burns poems.

P6 Living and Growing

During the first part of this term P6 will begin their work on human reproduction.  We use the Channel 4 resource Living and Growing which consists of three programmes called Changes, How Babies Are Made and How Babies Are Born. 1783_4

“Changes” explores the physical and emotional changes that take place at the onset of puberty, and how we feel about ourselves.  It considers some of the changes that are outside our control, and the choices we face in others over which we can have increasing control as we grow up.  If reaffirms that puberty is a normal and natural process [while identifying and naming related parts of the internal and external anatomy.]

“How Babies Are Made” examines the whole process of life cycles and reproduction, rites of passage, friendships and feelings.  It emphasises the importance of a loving relationship between couples and the value of family and relationships within it.

“How Babies Are Born” reviews relationships and feelings and investigates roles and responsibilities.  It focuses on the development of the baby in the womb, the needs of the baby and the mother before the birth, and the inheritance of physical characteristics.

(From the teachers’ notes)

If you would like to know any more about this resource please get in touch with your child’s teacher.

Nursery Diary

Friday 15th – Thursday 21st January

The recent cold weather has meant that we have been able to investigate the science of freezing and melting. We hope to continue this in the coming week as well. Please ensure children are wrapped up warm and have wellies to wear outdoors.

In Literacy we continue to focus on talking and listening. We will be talking about Winter and what we have been learning to add to our floor book.

In Maths we will be continuing to look at the calendar and plotting in events in the different months. We will continue to talk about number across all of the nursery areas.

Our Health and Wellbeing focus on emotions has really taken off, with children using mirrors to make different facial expressions and considering when they experience different emotions. This will continue this week.

With Robert Burns’ Birthday coming up at the end of the month, we will be beginning to learn a bit about Scotland. We will look at Scottish songs and stories, and identify where we live in Scotland and key features of our town.

Whit ye bletherin’ aboot?!

Guid mornin, hoo’s it gaun?

As you know Queensferry Primary are celebrating all things Scottish during our special week starting on Monday 25 January.

We are lucky enough to be part of a mini-project about different Scots dialect around the country, in which various Primary Schools are getting together and sharing information about their area and parts of their language.

Our job is to think of as many words as we can that are used specifically in the Edinburgh area and explain what they mean. 

To start us off, Primary 7 have thought of ‘shan’ meaning that something is unfair.

Any ideas are appreciated – just simply comment on this post. The final project will be displayed in the upper stages library.

Guid luck, bye for noo!

P1 Numeracy Resources

*Counting, Matching and Ordering numbers to 10

*Counting and Writing Numbers

*Counting 2 groups of apples, fish or sweeties (addition)

*Pattern Matching

*A favourite song