Nursery Diary

Monday 19th – Thursday 29th March

We are delighted to once again have full use of all of our rooms! Our choice board activities and small group support will restart immediately after the Easter holidays.
Our planned learning will continue this week and next.

In Literacy we have noticed lots of interest from the children in mark-making, with some beginning to write letters, or shapes which resemble letters. We will be enhancing opportunities across the nursery to allow them to explore letters, their shapes and the sounds they make.

Our words of the week this week are ‘biggest’ and ‘smallest’, and so in our maths opportunities, we will be exploring size, encouraging the children to identify the biggest and smallest item in a group or collection.

We have some exciting sensory play planned for the next couple of weeks, and so in Science, we will be supporting the children to recognise their senses and link these to the parts of the body that help us to experience these sensations.

With Easter nearly upon us already, we will begin to explore some of the stories and customs related to this, and the importance of this festival in Christian peoples’ lives.

• REMEMBER – Tempest photography are taking group photos of preschool children on Tuesday 20th March from 10am.

P4 Dynamic Earth Monday 5th March

At this time we have not made a decision to go ahead or cancel this trip. The final decision will be made on Monday morning once we know travel conditions and can make a risk assessment. In the hope that we go, could all children come prepared with warm clothing, packed lunches and their permission slip if they haven’t returned it already. Please share this message with parents of P4 children.

Nursery Diary

Friday 23rd February- Thursday 1st March

With all of our recent upheaval due to our building work, we have noticed that our children need some extra support to follow rules and routines, and to take care of our nursery belongings. We have had a great number of toys and resources broken over the last few weeks.
We are going to spend time reinforcing the importance of taking care of toys and resources, and ask for your support in this. We will be discussing this at toothbrushing time and throughout our interactions across the nursery rooms.
In the block play room, there has been a lot of interest in measuring, and we are going to continue to extend this through play this week.

With our recent return to the Quiet Room, we will be supporting the children with how to use the ‘loose parts’ resources and to keep voices low and behaviour calm in this room.

Across the nursery, we have noticed an interest in letters and numbers, and we will be providing lots of opportunities across the nursery to explore these further.

All staff will spend time observing the children’s play, looking for popular themes to allow us to expand on interests and extend learning through opportunities linked to current interests.

* Remember – it is World Book Day this THURSDAY
* Our building work should be completed in the next few days. Thank you for your support during this challenging time!

P7 Personal Project 2018

Yay, it’s here! volcano-clip-art-121

Today P7 were given their project information sheets.  We have stressed that this does NOT mean they have to start working during the holidays! It’s simply to give them plenty of thinking time before beginning this task after the February week.

Linked to our Japan theme, the Natural Disasters project should be a final showcase of their functional  reading and writing skills, and every pupil is expected to put effort in to this.

Here is a copy of the paperwork should yours go missing…

P7 natural disaster project Europe 2018


P6 Scottish Opera

“I had the time of my life!” Amelie

A huge well done to all pupils in Primary 6 for their incredible performance of, ‘Dragon of the Western Sea,’ with Scottish Opera. Here are a few reviews from the children and some photos of the amazing show!


“I think it was one of the best things in P6 so far. I was sad for it to be over!” Calum


“I loved how the Scottish Opera made the show really funky with the dance moves.” Hannah

“I enjoyed it so much because everyone was nice and positive. I also felt professional. After I got my outfit on, I felt like someone out of a Bollywood movie, dancing and smiling.” Ruby

“I liked it because everyone had a smile and everyone was having fun.” Zaki


“I liked getting the outfit on and singing to the audience.” Anthony