Primary 2 Literacy (inc. P1/2)

This week, the pupils in Primary 2 have been learning to read and write consonant blends when they are on the end of a word. The blends we have focused on are: lk, lt, mp, nd, nt, rk, rt, sk, and st. We have made words such as milk, jump, cart and best. Next week we will learn about the blends ng and nk, at the end of words.

Please look out for a laminated card of blended sounds, coming home with your child next week, to help practise these sounds. The card can be cut and kept in a zippy pocket (provided) and used alongside last year’s pack of individual sounds and vowel digraph cards.

The boys and girls will also receive cards with the next block of tricky words for you to cut out and keep in your pack.

Thank you very much

Primary 2 teachers

Primary 1 Literacy – Week beginning 31.08.20

This week we are learning the ‘p’ sound. We are learning to write the letter p and we are thinking of words beginning with p. We are also making the words ‘at’, ‘pat’ and ‘tap’. Please cut the letter p from your laminated yellow sheet and add this into the zippy bag.

Listening to the Jolly Phonics songs will help your child say the letter sounds too!

Primary 1 book bags

Just a wee reminder to have a daily peek in your child’s book bag when it comes home at the end of a day. Things to look out for are ORT word trees and word cards, letters about our upcoming trip and other events, P1s’ Scots Week poem and new sounds/tricky word flashcards that we have learned in our literacy lessons.

Please, also, give book bags a regular clear out and ensure that they only contain ORT/shared readers, sounds pockets and any correspondence that you wish class teachers to see, e.g notes about appointments etc.

Many thanks

Mrs Law, Mrs McConachie and Miss McLean