P3 Learning

We have been exploring 2D shapes and 3D objects in class over the past few weeks. The following game can be used to guess the name of the hidden shape: https://www.ictgames.com/mobilePage/shiftingShapes/index.html

Also, we have examined how different shapes fit together to make different patterns. In class, we made our own tiling patterns by drawing around shapes. This weblink also allows learners the opportunity to make their own tiling patterns: https://apps.mathlearningcenter.org/pattern-shapes/

In spelling, we have been further exploring different spelling patterns including those with long vowel patterns. Forest Phonics is a useful online game which reinforces the spelling of words with the sounds we are covering in class. https://www.ictgames.com/mobilePage/forestPhonics/index.html

P2 Links to Support Learning

Here are a couple of links for online games you may wish to use to support your child’s learning.


Play Karate Cats English Game For Kids | Free Online Spelling Games - BBC  Bitesize

Practise ordering numbers within 100

Practise number bonds to 10

Practise a range of maths skills while helping the Karate Cats

Sounds and Reading

Practise spelling and punctuation with the Karate Cats

Practise making and using sounds to build your words

Continue to make use of your P1 Oxford Owl login. Please let me know if you no longer have access to it.


What’s happening in P2 this month?

A empty computer classroom - Download Free Vectors, Clipart Graphics &  Vector Art

Key days of the week

Monday – Shared Readers home

Tuesday – P.E day

Thursday – Return Shared Readers and Reading Records

Key information


At the moment Mr Glass is teaching us on a Tuesday morning.

These classes will be outdoors as much as possible, so please ensure that your child wears appropriate clothing on that day (eg trainers, leggings/joggers, school jumper/sweatshirt). Please also bring a spare pair of trousers or a skirt in case these get wet.

For safety reasons, hair should be tied back. No school ties please!! If required, the children will also be asked to wear their outdoor coat.


Shared readers will go home every Monday.

Please keep these in a safe place at home and take time to enjoy them together.

Please return both the shared reader and reading record on Thursdays so they can be ‘rested’ for 72 hours.

Primary 1 Literacy – Week Beginning 07.09.20

This week we are learning the ‘n’ and ‘i’ sound. We are learning to write both letters and we are thinking of words beginning with the letters. Please cut the letters ‘n’ and ‘i’ from your laminated yellow sheet and add this into the zippy bag.

If you have misplaced your yellow sheet or haven’t received one, please let your class teacher know and we can give you a new one. These laminated sheets and zippy bags are to stay at home. Additional practice with these will reinforce what we are learning in school.

Have fun writing the letters, recognising the letters and making words!