Our School Values

For children, staff and our school community. hands

The statements in italics were written by some of our P7 pupils.   The titles link to our illustrative posters.

Kindness – defined as a key component of our ethos. Friendliness and empathy sit within this value as we strive to be a bully free school. This is clearly defined in our Equality, Diversity and Anti-bullying Policy.
Being polite to each other, showing affection, smiling, using our manners, thinking about others before ourselves, making others know you care.

Co-operation – we want our pupils to do well academically and socially – learning with and from each other. Co-operative Learning features in all our classrooms.
Working with others, when in a group accepting the ideas and opinions of others, making sure everybody feels like part of the team, allowing people to join in your games, cheering on others, helping each other if you’re stuck, share and play by the rules.

Perseverance – children will build their confidence and resilience through being challenged and learning from their mistakes.
Trying your best, keeping the faith in yourself, forward thinking, not giving up, nothing is a failure if you have tried your best, encouraging others, keep going even when it’s hard, nothing is impossible!, try, try, try,try………and again……

Responsibility – each of us contributes to our learning work ethic. As we take increased ownership for our learning, we also take steps towards being independent learners.
Trust, independence, work, someone has faith in you and trusts you, if you get in trouble accept the punishment, jobs which show you are mature and responsible (wet weather monitors, buddies, organising and running clubs), being responsible for your actions, don’t blame others for your mistakes

Respect– this underpins our relationships with each other, our manners, our conversations and our attitude – towards each other, our work and our belongings/school.
Treat others the way you want to be treated, not making anyone feel less than you, everyone’s opinions are as good as yours, listen to others, show politeness and manners to everyone, help others, be caring and kind, respecting feelings, respecting everyone’s property including your own.

Creativity – we want to develop and nourish children’s natural creativity through a curriculum based in opportunities to experiment, problem solve, discuss and collaborate. We want children to question, make connections and explore.
Using your imagination, opening your mind to new ideas, using these ideas in school groups, being yourself and having your own ideas, achieving the most you can in your life, the world is your oyster, “if life gives you lemons, make orange juice and leave the room wondering how you did it”, use your brain.

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