P.E. Summer Term – Week 10

Hi boys and girls, I hope this finds you all well. This is my last PE post of the summer term, in what has been another remarkable academic year 19/20. We have had our very own Queensferry Cup competitions with us retaining the cup this year, so well done to all that took part. I would like to give a special mention to P.E. students Mr Clubb, Mr Elder and Mr Calahan for their time this year. A special mention has to go to my sports ambassadors who it has been a pleasure to work with alongside Mr Thompson. They had so many wonderful and exciting ideas for the pupils, but sadly they were not able to implement these due to Covid19. SHOUTOUT for Ewan, Dylan, Oscar, Gregor, Lachlan, Rhona, Keri, Ava, Isla & Tegan. Final special thanks is for Miss Thomson and Mr McLean for all their excellent work and support and we wish them both well in their continued studies.

My last post will hopefully cover a wide range of areas that will keep you active now and over the summer term, make you smile with some notable messages and give me the opportunity to say a few words. I will start by saying my goodbye to this term.

This week is actually the National School of Sport week at Home 2020 as sponsored by Sky. Although we have had an incredible health week and active term. Here are some more links and ideas to keep you active now and over the summer weeks. There is also plenty of online information via the link https://www.youthsporttrust.org/national-school-sport-week-home and on their own twitter page if you are interested. I have inserted their information page and support pages for teachers that can be utilised at home.

This week Mr McLean and I got together to look at more activities we can do in larger groups, but also looked at additional activities we can do on our own or amend the larger scale activities. Not everyone will have access to space, not everyone will be able to socially distance with others and not everyone will be able to get outside. Therefore the following activities should suit anyone that is restricted to their own home, can be outside or can socially distance with another household. Do what works for you and enjoy being active.

Over the last week or so I have been contacted by parents, teachers, friends and people of the community to say how impressed they have been with the children of Q.P.S and their efforts of staying active. Health week and sports day was an absolute to joy to be part of and to see those wonderful messages, pictures and videos of you and your families engaged was overwhelming and heart warming. Therefore, I thought you might just like a final Q.P.S. news desk from some famous people in the world of sport rather than Mr G telling you how awesome you were.

With the summer nearly upon us I wanted to leave you with some ideas, tasks and challenges to keep you busy. I also thought it would good time to share with you what P.E. might look like when we return and how it will assist and support the pupils on their return and I cannot wait to see them all.

Finally, I would like to wish you and your families a lovely summer together. I am thinking of you all, but please go out and explore, have fun, enjoy your family time and rest. I look forward to seeing you all when we return, A final goodbye to an awesome, amazing and fantastic bunch of P7 students and a hello to our new pupils coming from nursey.

Thank you

StaySafe & StayActive

Mr G


STEM – Paper Challenges

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Welcome back to Queensferry Primary STEM Online.

This week there are three challenges to choose from across the whole school.

You can choose to try one, two or all three of these challenges. Choose from the height, length or distance challenge.

Use an A4 piece of paper to create something that fits the challenges in the videos.

I will post successful measurements at the bottom of this page and update it regularly. All of the video links are in the STEM classroom under the heading of Paper Challenges, just choose which one or ones you want to try. Remember you have to click on ‘present’ at the top, so the links work properly:

This is the link for the distance one if you choose to try that.

Good Luck

Mr B


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Longest Paper Chain p1 – p3 = 514cm

Longest Paper Chain p4 – p7 = 728cm


Tallest Tower p1 – p3 = 116cm

Tallest Tower p4 – p7 = 97cm


Furthest Distance Travelled p1 – p3 = 700cm

Furthest Distance Travelled p4 – p7 = 444cm

P7 Weekly Learning Grid 22/06/20

Summer Term Wk 10 – w/c 22/06/20

To finish off our year, P7 activities this week are a selection of different things that will continue to support you on your transition to high school, mixed in with some fun as we head towards our summer holidays! There will also be the lovely opportunities at our assemblies to look back over some very special memories.

Please click on the link below for this week’s grid which will guide you through what to do across the week.

Keep checking Seesaw daily for our updates and continue sharing your posts of what you have been working on – we love seeing what you are getting up to!

If you are experiencing difficulties accessing any of the tasks, whether that is on Microsoft Teams, Seesaw or Sumdog, please get in touch with Mr Lynch or Mrs Carson for assistance.

We hope you have a great week and please remember that we are here to support you in whatever way we can.

Mr Lynch & Mrs Carson



P.E. Summer Term – Week 9

Hi boys and girls, I hope you have managed to recharge the batteries, after a very positive, rewarding and busy Health Week last week. It was so pleasing to see all your posts with regards your Health Week activities and our very own Virtual Sports Day. Well done to all that took part from baby brothers/sisters to grans and grandads a fabulous effort by all. Now there is plenty to be getting on with our Famous 60 second challenges and I look forward to seeing some of your attempts and scores. However, I will not be setting any challenges this week but working with Mr McLean to bring you some activities that you can now be trying at home.

Mr McLean and I got together to show 7 activities that you could now be trying in and around your home involving working with someone else. We decided, to try a create a variety of activities that would be engaging, fun, challenging and most of all rewarding. Therefore part 1 will focus on Golf, French Boules and Square Reaction delivered by Mr Mclean.

Part 2 will focus on Tennis, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball and Movement Reaction. As you can now see our focus is to get you outside and work with a partner if possible and if feasible. We also wanted to give you an insight to the variety of sports and activities that we would have been doing in our final few weeks of school on Burgees Park.

Challenge time with a difference. I have been keeping you active and busy with my challenges. Now I want you to challenge me, I have one outstanding involving a yoga ball in my garden, which I will be doing today. However, your mission is to come up with a unique and new challenge. Then you must complete that challenge, name it then post it to me in your class page and tag PE. I will then attempt your very own IChallengeMrG!

Furthermore, please keep your eyes peeled for a special well done message coming your way this week!

StaySafe & StayActive


Mr G