Queensferry Post -Benmore


The week before the October holidays the p7s went to Benmore. We did lots of fun activities such as gorge walking, caving, orienteering and lots more. It took around two and a half hours to get there with a stop off at Luss for lunch. When we got their we had a biscuit and juice and found out what activity groups we were in and then we went to make our beds which was interesting. After that we got our waterproofs on and went to PUDDLE LANE which was amazing. Now I’ll tell you about the activities we did. First biking, biking was really fun first we went to the bike shed and got fitted for bikes, helmets and gloves then we cycled around and got very wet which was fun. Next I’ll tell you about high ropes, high ropes was really fun. Now gorge walking, gorge walking was really fun we went up the gorge and then there was some slides to slide down. Next caving , caving was really fun we had to climb really high in the forest to get to the caves and then we sat in a cave and found gold dust.

     by Jayde Davis

Queensferry Post – Pollution Posters

Hi, my name is Annabelle Lynch and I would like to tell you about my pollution poster. I designed it in Primary 5 as part of the competition that Mr. Brownlie held. Now it is up on our school fence for people to notice that our playground is being polluted. We all really need to start realising that we should stop and think about our world. There were two winners – me and Emma Thompson. You can see my poster outside our school!

Queensferry Post- P1’s move in!

We interviewed Mrs Law about how she was feeling about the new classrooms we asked her if she would be exited about moving into the new classroom with all the new P1s her response was “All the teachers are very excited about the new classrooms (as exited as the P1s ).we also asked how you thought the P1s would react to the new classrooms Mrs Law said it would take a while to get used to the new classrooms it will be good to

get them into one big classroom again they will all love to explore the new classrooms then we asked her if you would miss the gym hall her response was “they will miss the hall because they were always playing together and because it was still in between nursery and P1”. Then we asked her do you think the extension will make k the school a better place her response was yes I do because it will be better for more room for learning and playing. By Abigail Closier

Queensferry Post Online – P6 Skiing

Hello newspaper club here, skiing was so fun – everyone learned something whether they were in the beginners or advanced groups. We would all recommend it for all the P5s who hopefully are going to do it next year!! The staff there were so helpful and encouraging too. Shout out to all the lovely staff. 

by Georgina A. Bark

Queensferry Post Online Halloween Spook-tacular!!

On Wednesday, 30th October, all of the teachers did cha cha real smooth when it came to the song ‘cha cha slide’. All of the kids had a positively wonderful time as they danced the night away, so thank you so much to the amazing PTA for setting it up for all of us. Now time to mention some of the best costumes of the evening: The tomato, Boris Johnson, dinosaurs, sumo wrestlers, Rubik’s cube, the inflatable alien girl and the teachers costumes.

by Mabel & Freya

Queensferry Post Online

Introducing the Queensferry Post Online

Hello, we are the new editors of the Queensferry Post –  

Mabel, Roisin and Jayde, and we are delighted to tell you about the new online edition of the Queensferry Post 2019-2020. We hope you enjoy reading about all the interesting things going on in our school .

Keep your eyes peeled for more posts from our school after the October holidays.