Primary Five


Dear Families, 

Welcome to the Primary 5 page. During this period of school closure, this is where you will find documents relating to your child’s learning. The learning packs we send home will have activity grids, a QR access code for Seesaw and some printed resources. This pack should last until the Easter holidays and then beyond with further updates provided daily via Seesaw. 

Please feel free to drop us an email with questions or concerns at the addresses below: 

Home Learning Grid 

The P5 pack contains… 

  • A lined jotter for any written work. 
  • A squared paper jotter for numeracy and maths work. 
  • A reading book of their choice, unless your child has convinced us that they are going to get a new book from home or from the library… 
  • Learning Grid containing (mostly) offline learning activities. These are not designed to be done once and ticked off. Rather they are a spread of activities to improve literacy, numeracy and other curricular areas and can be practised, edited and revisited as often as may be necessary to ensure progression. If there are times when the children cannot go online, these are the activities to choose. 
  • A copy of your child’s SeeSaw login information. 


  • SeeSaw The SeeSaw app and website will be used too. The children are much more familiar with this platform, and the home logins in their pack have information about website or mobile device access. 
  • SeeSaw should be used to share examples of their home learning with me. The can make annotated pictures, videos, record whiteboard explanations and make voice recordings. Whereas Teams is good for sharing regular Office documents, SeeSaw is better for non-written work such as art, models and performances. I will also use SeeSaw to set some tasks for the children to undertake and submit. We’ll start off simple to make sure everyone can access if possible, then see where it takes us! 

Useful Resources 

In class we have used a variety of websites to help with our learning. Please keep an eye on our posts at  for some recommended reading and maths links.