Primary Five


View our web posts regularly to read about what we have been learning as we go through this year. Please feel free to drop us an email with questions or concerns at the addresses below:

You can also follow our Primary 5B adventures on Twitter Class@Primary5B


Spelling homework will normally be issued on a Monday and should be handed in on Wednesday.

Maths homework will normally be issued on a Tuesday and should be handed in on Thursday.

Reading homework will normally be given over a whole week and this will vary depending on the different groups.

Gym days Tuesday (with Mr Brownlie/ Mrs Weir)

Friday (with Mr Glass). Children will often need both indoor and outdoor kits please. They will be learning to play hockey this term.

Names on clothes!

Please make sure that your child’s name, or at the very least their initials, are on all items of clothing that you ever want to see again. 20 identical sweatshirts are difficult to keep track of! It would also be really appreciated if you could check your child’s school bag for items of clothing not belonging to them taken home in error.

Useful Websites

In class we will use a variety of websites throughout the year to help with our learning. Here are a few of the websites we are using:

Hit the Button (there are a variety of great games to help children with their numeracy.)

Mangahigh and Skoolbo (each child will be given a username and password for this fun maths website.)

Spelling City (children can test themselves on their spelling pattern for the week and play games which help them learn their new words.)