P.E. Summer Term – Week 7 – Fun Week.

Morning boys and girls, this week is our final week of practice before next week 8th – 12th June HEALTH WEEK and SPORTS DAY on the 11th June. More information will come out later this week about next weeks Health Week but we are all working hard to get everything into place. Therefore, this week is about recharging the batteries, working on our run, jump and throw and having fun doing so.

First event today is our running event and spelling out a word you and your family have agreed on. Please do not make this too challenging to start with but you can build up the levels and challenge as you go. You can also adapt this challenge to play other games in the garden with the family like charades etc.

Our second challenge this week is our jumping challenge and we are either going to do this inside or out and make the floor is lava. This may appear as a challenge next week. Look at the video and adapt to what you have around the house and make sure it is safe.

Our third challenge is our throwing challenge and your parents/guardians hopefully will enjoy seeing how quickly you can put clothes in the laundry basket. I am looking forward to seeing how many layers pupils can actually manage to get on, remember anything you use, then YOU have to put it away.

Conditioning our body, comes from our cross country team training sessions and is the pyramid challenge. Make sure you have a suitable space to do both your exercise and run, your exercise may have to be changed depending on yor challenge location. Have someone helping you throw this and calling out your middle point so you can get back down the pyramid.

This weeks FUN challenge was inspired by the rocket and space mission that took place this weekend and therefore Mr G has put a flying challenge together and I want to see some of your plane designs as well as your challenge.

I have added in a short 6th video this week as some pupils have not been able to do all the challenges due to restricted space or equipment. Therefore, this challenge requires little space and no equipment. Just you being creative and imaginative.

I really hope you enjoy the challenges this week and I look forward to getting in touch later regrading Sports Day & Health Week. This will involve, Run, Jump, Throw and Fun stations so please keep up the training and practicing from our last 7 weeks.

StaySafe StayActive

Thank You

Mr G


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